DNBN Kuburkan BN : A call to the reluctant politicians to national service


Of late, much of my time is spent getting in touch with some of the finest people I know to implore them to offer themselves as independent candidates in the next general election.

By finest, I mean persons who, in my estimation and yours, too, if you knew who they were, are of unquestionable integrity.

Persons who, if elected as independent candidates in the next general election, can be counted on to not sell their souls when BN comes a calling with millions, maybe even billions, of ringgit as inducements to betray the rakyat.

If we are to have any chance of seeing a regime change post the 13th GE not capitulate to the filthy, corrupt overtures that BN will surely make to re-capture federal power, we will need a buffer of the finest Malaysians in Parliament as independent MPs to frustrate BN’s efforts to topple the new regime ala the Perak crisis.

In my estimation, 20 such independent MPs might just about be enough.

More will not hurt the cause.

Most of these individuals I have approached, though, are truly the reluctant politicians.

Good people, with good ideas, but with little desire for power.

The type of people we need in parliament.

I have urged them to see a term in parliament as a term of national service to aid in rehabilitating our national institutions.

The judiciary.

The police force.


I have shared with them the details of the initiative and most see it as a worthy effort.