Citizenships being dangled in Batu Sapi, warns PAS

By HarakahDaily

There have been allegations that Barisan Nasional is offering citizenships and birth certificates as part of its promises to voters who support its candidate in the Batu Sapi by-election this Thursday.

A section of the crowd who turned up at a hotel to listen to top PR leaders

The Sabah PAS Youth wing said that a ceremony to “award citizenship and transfer of birth certificate” was planned for November 3 at the Karamunting MPS Flat, Sandakan, to be officialised by deputy Home minister Lee Chee Leong.
“Granting the citizenship is a right and sovereignty of the state and it cannot be used as a political tool, especially to gain votes.

“Why is citizenship awarded only now during the by-election?” asked Salman, the state PAS information chief.

According to Salman, the initiative to solve the problem of citizenship and identity cards for Sabahan should have been made long ago by the BN-led government.

“There are so many issues involving the issuance identity cards which have yet to be solved due to BN’s failure in properly managing and administrating the citizenship issue,” he said, adding that abuses in the granting of citizenship had caused ill-feeling among locals.

Stressing that such issues would not be solved for as long as the BN government continued to use the country’s sovereignty as a political tool, Salman urged Batu Sapi voters to choose wisely.

“Whatever gifts given to the people of Batu Sapi by the BN should not be declined, but let the vote be cast for Pakatan Rakyat,” he added.