The Rise Of DAP Justice Reform Group

By Shen Yee Aun

Many did not know about the existence and the history behind the formation of DAP Justice Reform Group. 

This group is form when injustice in done to Selangor DAP Veteran Leader Tee Boon Hock. Local leader and veteran leader in every division in Selangor had show their support and sympathy by visiting Tee Boon Hock in Klang. Then later they came into a conclusion to kill 5 strong DAP leaders in Selangor. Those are YB Ronnie Liu , Lee Kee Hiong , YB Au Yong Hian Wah , YB Lau Weng San and YB Tony Pua.

But later on YB Tony Pua manage to stay neutral in this internal fighting and had approach Tee Boon Hock for few times and he was out of the target list. And since now both YB Ronnie Liu and Lee Kee Hiong is no longer is both camp list of candidate for Selangor DAP election then it only leave Au Yong Hian Wah and Lau Weng San that will be targeted by Justice Reform Group.

Many claims that Au Yong did not play his card right. He is not wise enough in playing politics. The whole world know that Tony Pua and Teresa Kok is strongly aligned to Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng yet was never a target of Justice Reform Group. Why ? This is because they try to stay as neutral as much as they can or even if they don’t they do not say or do anything that will offend another group.

Au Yong was very harsh in attacking Tee Boon Hock since the day he was sacked until today. He was even more harsh than Ronnie Liu. Some may say that he is the Selangor DAP Chairman therefore he go not choice and he need to do this job. But in politics Au Yong must be wise enough to know that he must gain as much support as he can from both camp. Even he if need to come out with a statement he should leave the job to his political secretary.

He should follow Anwar style. He is the leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat and as much as he supported Azmin Ali he did not support him openly. Most importantly is that he did not personally attack Zaid Ibrahim. He just send his people to do the job.

The name of this group is named by another strong PJ Veteran Leader James Ooi that had been with DAP for more than 40 year. It is also belief that he had joined DAP earlier than Lim Kit Siang. He had defeated Tony Pua for PJ division chairman last round and this round again defeated Lau Weng San for the same position.

The latest division result had shown that Justice Reform Group had won 100% completely. The opponent camp had only contested until Secretary position against Justice Reform Group candidate and they eventually give up for the other position and Justice Reform Group had won uncontested for most position after that. It is belief that Justice Reform Group had control 23 out of 28 branches in Klang.

In Petaling Jaya Justice Reform Group manage to control 7 out of 12 branches and had won all the position contested except losing vice chairman by 1 vote to the opponent.  YB Lau Weng San lost for the Chairman position.

In Puchong Justice Reform Group had won all the position except for treasurer where Justice Reform Group willing to give way to Teresa Kok assistant to win that position. Justice Reform Group Control 5 out of 7 branches.

YB Philip Tan lost to Justice Reform Group in Kuala Langat and Justice Reform Group had also won all the position comfortably. Kuala Langat was break into 3 fraction in the beginning but Tee Boon Hock manage to call 2 fraction up for a meeting and unite them to go against YB Philip Tan that is aligned to Ronnie Liu.  In the end Justice Reform Group control 9 out of 12 branches.

Those are the latest 4 division that had completed the division election. It is belief that Au Yong strong hold in Hulu Selangor division may face some trouble as well. Is going to be a 50 50 fight where both camp control 6 branches each in that area.

Another bonus for Justice Reform Group is that when they came into a conclusion lead by Tee Boon Hock to elect YB Teng Chang Khim as the leader  of this group and there at least 15 branches here and there that is in YB Teng Chang Khim hand. Total Justice Reform Group got already 65 branches in hand out of 138. Tee Boon Hock claim that he can get another 8 branches from here and there. That will be 73/138. This figure not yet include the neutral vote from other branches.

So far there a bright light for Justice Reform Group to gain control of Selangor before spreading this to the other state.

A big group of young and old professional , local council , leaders , members and etc is the election committee to run a more effective campaign. Banner , manifesto , dinner , strategy and etc will be executed soon.

Many that is misinform will be thinking that this group is form and lead by Teng Chang Khim. The truth is that the entire power , influence and control in this group is Tee Boon Hock.

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