Bomoh Warned Taib To Step Down! – Part Two of our exclusive revelations

Taib’s Bomoh confided before he died that he had warned the Chief Minister in 2003 that he should stand down within 7 years!  However, this piece of advice apparently signalled the beginning of the end Taib’s relationship with his long-trusted soothsayer.

As we recently revealed [see Part I of our exclusive revelations], Taib had retained the witchdoctor for decades as his secret adviser and practitioner of black magic.  However, on this occasion the Chief Minister found his guidance for the first time unpalatable.  According to close observers, the relationship between the two men began to break down from this moment.

“In 2003 the Bomoh said “step down or it will be a disaster for you”, explains one confident of Ustaz, “However, Taib had come to think that his power was God-given and he did not need the Bomoh anymore.  This incident might have angered Taib and his family members and therefore Ustaz was slowly dropped and side-lined”.

The confidant believes that Ustaz became ever more troubled as the ‘first family’ started to become arrogant and over-reach themselves in later years.  He felt they had started to believe they could do whatever they liked and were above the law and was dismayed at their treatment of people who got in their way.