Where Got Racism?

By The Phantom Haranguer

Malaysians love to play the ‘Blame Game’.  That’s not surprising seeing that both the Malays and the Chinese are labouring under the delusion that they are ‘The Superior Race’ which means someone’s got to take the blame for the monumental stuff ups which plague this country on an almost daily basis.  Malaysian superiority makes me forever grateful that I was born into one of the inferior races.
When playing the Blame Game, problems arise  because Malaysians are not too bright when choosing the objects for their blame.  For example, its fashionable these days to blame BN for everything that is wrong with the country.  However, the blamers conveniently overlook the fact that BN is made up of Malaysians who were elected by Malaysians and( sadly) re-elected by Malaysians.  So if there are faults with BN its because the same faults are widespread ( or condoned) in Malaysian society.

Similarly and simplistically its trendy to blame everything on race.  But true racism is very rare in Malaysia.  Malaysians are very tolerant of each others cultural, social and physical differences

What is not so benign is in fact Infidelism… discrimination on the basis that a person is not a Fidel.  Infidelism afflicts this country at every level, from the classroom to the job market and beyond and is actively promoted by the predominantly Fidelic Malaysian Government.  Often it is disguised as Malay Rights or Special Privileges but these are just alternative names for the the same issue of discrimination. There are also token attempts to moderate Infidelism by the occasional inclusion of a few  non-Fidelic Bumis.

For sure the reverse does occur.  Fidels are discriminated against on the basis that they unreliable, unproductive, lack initiative etc.  Unless you will accept that those characteristics arise from the process of Fidelification ( and Fidels will  never do that) you will just have to accept that reverse discrimination is discrimination on the basis of individual shortcomings

The reason that Infidelism is so rampant in Malaysia is because Fidels are such great haters.  They will even hate on demand ( ask Dr M, one of the greatest hate mongers of all time) and they have a  vocabulary to formalise their hate… infidel, kaffir etc.  Fidels will hate anybody who is vaguely different from themselves, especially so if those infidels make any suggestion  that Fidelitry and its society is less than perfect.  They will hate Fidels from other countries, especially if their skin colour is different.  They will hate Fidels from their own country but of a different race.  They will even hate Fidels of their own country and race if those Fidels are less perfect than themselves…unmarried mothers, drug addicts, HIV positive people

Part of the reason they are such great haters is because hate is one of those simplistic responses that immature and insecure people use to deal with problems of difference.  Hate, insults, lies and spite are  the Fidelic reaction when faced with a difficult situation

But the major reason why Fidels are such effective haters is that they believe totally in a doctrine of zero tolerance.  The way that Fidels deal with any issue that is supposedly evil is to ban it.  They ban words and ideas, they ban philosophies and concepts that are different to their own.  They ban fun in the form of alcohol and gambling and non-wowserish entertainment. They ban freedom of expression and individuality. They ban foods and eating.  They ban books and movies, they ban sex and sexuality.  They ban animals. They ban public shows of affection while at the same time tolerating raging violence

With Fidelism there is no attempt to  deal rationally with any issue… No tolerance, no compassion, no understanding, no attempt to incorporate the facts into their dogma, no attempt to learn or to educate

So, Where Got Racism?