The proof that some of our our ministers are not here to serve the people!!

By Senior Doctor

As a SENIOR DOCTOR, I HAVE WITNESSED HOW RACISM AND RACIAL PREJUDICES HAVE CREATED A DARK lacuna IN THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH. It is incredible the extent of damage these racists can go to cause harm and damage to one’s career and family. My intention was to bring this serious matter to the Minister of health.

I have been calling the Minister’s office since the last three weeks and every time, I am directed to speak to one of his private secretaries. I am told he has about 3 PAs. What is most disappointing is that his PAs seem to behave as if they are the Minister’s boss. There is no courtesy or manners whatsoever. They just pick up the call and say, “I am very busy” and slam the phone down. A couple of times other staff gave me a PA’s handphone number and it is the same story. Every time he picks up, he just rattles away ”I am very busy!!” and slams the phone.

What annoys me is this. If the PA to the Cabinet Minister refuses to allow anyone to see the Minister however serious the matter is, and if he continues to give the impression that he is too busy, then why is he in the employment of the said Ministry? The Minister is there with a purpose. I am now told the PAs only assist MCA members and I heard some terribly nasty remarks about them which I hope is not true.

On the contrary, let me explain something else. My family and I made an appointment to bring this to the attention of the Law Minister, Dato Seri Nazri. We were delighted and shocked to see his reaction. The response from his staff and the Minister himself was simply magnificient.

We received a written appointment in less than a week. He appeared extremely intelligent, smart, and smeone who truly cares and someone who understands the LAW. There was not the slightest iota that he was a Malay and we are Indians. He was just a truly Malaysian leader!!

My wife, my son and I enjoyed every moment of our time spent with the YB. He was sympathetic about the racial prejudice that befell us since the last 22 years and promised to refer this to the cabinet. He did, and we were advised by his staff to see the Minister of Health in person. Instead, we were just given the runaround and they never bothered and simply acted as if they were too busy for us. For someone like me who is a senior citizen, having served the public for the last 30 years, and here you are when we go back to them for a serious matter, they treat us with no respect, courtesy nor the slightest decency.

I hope somebody can give an explanation.

In short let me say this. Dato Seri Nazri is indeed a rare breed of UMNO Politician. He has the intellect, the style of a refined and well balanced leader. We need people like him around for the next 25 years and can I can confidently say he is indeed a rare breed!! He is definitely an inspiration to our sons and daughters!!