Pakatan’s anti-govt tactics overseas

(Bernama) – A representative of an Umno club overseas said that opposition leaders are trying to turn Malaysian students abroad against the government.

Mohd Rizal Abd Rahman of the Umno Club in Indonesia added that the opposition members from this country had been especially active the last 10 months trying to instil anti-government sentiments.

He learned that the opposition had organised a group called Fans of Pakatan Rakyat in London and at the same time placed their “agents” in student bodies in Egypt.

And they have been involved in such activities as fund-raising for charity to attract support, Rizal said during the debate on the presidential address at the Umno general assembly.

He wondered why the opposition were so interested in young Malaysians overseas, noting: “We are students and even if we were to return home to vote our percentage is small.”

Rizal believes that the opposition look upon the students, especially the more intellectual among them, as valuable assets who could help change the future “administrative landscape of the nation.”

He said the Umno overseas clubs would counter the opposition campaign by explaining government policies and rebut their propaganda on current issues.