Youth chief hits back at ‘conspirators’

Athi Shankar, Free Malaysia Today

GEORGE TOWN: Penang PKR Youth claimed that there was a conspiracy behind the so-called Youth members who called on Anwar Ibrahim yesterday to step down as party advisor.

Its chief Amir Ghazali pointed out that the group was made up of non-members and those who had left the party.

He believes the group was actually sponsored and dictated by those conspiring to undermine PKR’s credibility and tarnish Anwar’s image.

He pointed out that the group’s spokesman Nor Hilmi Ismail was not even a PKR member from Bayan Baru as claimed.

He said Nor Hilmi was actually the son of Ismail Mohd Ali, the special officer to Bayan Baru independent parliamentarian Zahrain Md Hashim.

Former state PKR and Bayan Baru division chief Zahrain and the division’s former permanent chairman Ismail quit PKR early this year.

Nor Hilmi’s group had also submitted a “Memorandum Taubat” (Repent Memo) for party supremo Anwar at its headquarters in Petaling Jaya.

Amir suggested that Nor Hilmi could have been used by certain Youth candidates from the “Team Rakyat” that lost in the PKR Bayan Baru polls last month.

“Influence of Zahrain and Ismail still exist in the division. I would not be surprised if certain losing candidates from the Bayan Baru division were behind the memo,” he alleged.