When we were 1one!

This posting was prompted by these 2 posts..here and here. This has nothing to do with Najib’s 1crap but I have to say something…just so the voting readers and the good people out there commenting know what happened.

Way back in late 2006 and early 2007, when I was the manager of The National Press Club of Malaysia and long before the emergence of the hundreds if not thousands of so-called “socio-political” bloggers today, ( then you could actually count the handful of such blogs or portals with the sticky stubs of your hands.) I know of the many instances when a carefully chosen bunch of bloggers who used to meet in strict confidence at the NPCS’s meeting room upstairs in secrecy. That was when the plan to form an alliance of bloggers was hatched. AllBlogs was the end product but was never registered with the ROS. (I wonder what happened to the “accounts” of the now “defunct” AllBlogs went, we did collect a sizable amount of money from so many well-wishers and from “dutch auctions”…..hmmmm….can anyone care to “account” or explain ?)

The “players” in these meetings came together as 1one and calculated and deliberated carefully on plans A or B or C to oust BN and and all of Pak Lah’s BN… (he was a “saint” compared to that Mahafiruan and this baggage-laden current one.) The master-plan to “change” the Malaysian political scene and oust Pak Lah’s BN was also put in “fast-forward” this and that lead to this and the rest is history…

Yes I was there and I know all the “players” at such meetings and as these meetings were kept secret upstairs while downstairs the regular crowd did not suspect anything amiss. News of what transpired at meetings were also not leaked out then and like all major coup or revolutions these meetings were held in humble and unassuming surroundings right beside “Peace-Hill”! We were like brothers…….all the bloggers resisted all attacks targeting bloggers by the MSM in true brother-hood fashion. (remember also that, that was the time Kali and Khairy ruled!) Here was a true band of brothers! We were a force to be reckoned with. And BN knew they were heading to certain and sudden death and these bloggers were the “untouchables”. About this time was also the slow birth of the hundreds or thousands of what you have now as “cyber-trooper” blogs who are operated on “auto-pilot” mode. BN’s unexpected “tsunami” was the “awed” result of these meetings.

Then something happened. The appearance of the “devil’s advocate”. The monumental task by UMNO of systematically “splitting” this tight-knitted “family”. And boy were they good! Some went over to the “dark-side” (this depends which side each wanted to consider the “dark-side” while some became “friendly” to whomsoever they favoured.) Ask Pete, he’ll tell you a classic story of one such “offer” that happened right there in NPC itself and without my knowledge too! Damn!