A singular man

By Amphiscian
In another context, that of “a Nobel for Mr. Liu”, commentator Timothy D Naegele, on Oct 14 2010 @ 6.53 GMT, wrote:

How powerful can a state be if it is terrified of a single man?

So one could ask a similar question in a Malaysian context and it would become “How confused can a state be if its government and the (albeit de facto) leader of the opposition are terrified of the same man?”

And you, sir, don’t you dare threaten not to care. “Don’t care” is a self-defeating, self-indulgent, self-serving way of running away from a problem and is infuriatingly common amongst the Malays. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Use the astounding variety of genes you were bequeathed, not least on your maternal side, and get a grip. You’re only answerable to yourself. Malaysia has got a million miles to go and it needs your help.