New political model may be introduced to ensure Umno’s continuity: Najib

(Bernama) – PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said today a new political model might have to be introduced to ensure Umno continued to lead the nation. “We not only need a New Economic Model, we might also need a New Political Model,” he said when launching an Umno Club for retired senior government officers at his official residence Seri Perdana here yesterday.

Najib, who is also Umno president, said the strategy of politics of development was no longer effective now.

“The reason why people are rejecting political parties that have contributed a lot over the years is because of parties that did not change. They are seen as rigid and not dynamic.

“However, if we change and are seen as a fresh and dynamic party, God willing, the people’s support for us will continue into the future.

Najib said the good track record of a ruling party was no longer a guarantee that that party would continue to remain in power.

Nevertheless, he said a new political model would not change the objectives of Umno’s struggle but instead in the methods employed to sustain its cause in the context of changes taking place all around.

“People are saying the enviromment has changed but the old methodology is still being used when it should be new environment, new methodology. Only then Umno will be seen as a party that is dynamic,” he said, adding that whatever the changes might be, he would ensure the party did not waver from the cause the founding fathers had for it.

Najib said, at the same time, there needed to be balance in administering a country.

“There cannot be a situation where the majority group owns the least wealth. That is not a good recipe for long-term stability,” he said.

In connection with this, Najib said Umno must continue to be seen as a party that was principled and had consideration for others.

“We must be fair… fair to the Malays as well as the non-Malays in the country. Only then we can have a nation that is united, strong and successful,” he said.

On the same note, Najib said the people could not expect opposition parties to deliver the goods.

“I want to ask who were the ones who questioned Article 153 in the Constitution? Malay privileges, who questioned them? Who caused the incident of not offering prayers for the wellbeing of the King? Who wanted Universiti Teknologi Mara to be opened to the non-Malays? Not Umno but the other side,” he said.

Furthermore, Najib said he could not understand why there were civil servants and government pensioners who preferred to support the opposition.

“We have to look into this… this is not right. Maybe because they were angry with a few, they decided to ditch the whole ship. Civil servants should know better that it is only Umno that can ensure our survival.

“Look at what is happening at a party on the other side now. Chairs flying, members suffering broken arms, sprained limbs. And all because someone wants to occupy the prime minister’s residence in Putrajaya,” he said.

Najib also congratulated the people responsible for forming the club, saying they had created a new chapter in Umno’s history in doing so.

He added that he was touched by the support shown by its members who previously had been Group A civil servants.

According to the club’s president, Aseh Che Mat, it now had 300 registered members.

“Retirees in group A make up 10% of the 550,000 government pensioners now. We are aiming to recruit the maximum possible number from this group (Group A),” he said.