A Closer Look

By Pakac Luteb

Recently Saiful testified he was repeatedly sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim without a condom, multiple times and over a period of months. That is good news for Anwar Ibrahim.

Yes, you read correctly!

It is such good news i rushed out of my office and am now in Starbucks writing this letter and sipping my latte.

How can such a thing possibly be good news for Anwar Ibrahim?

Let’s take a closer look, a VERY close look.

If what Saiful testified is true, Anwar’s semen and sperm would have been released inside Saiful’s anus and rectum multiple times over a period of months.

The rectum is lined with thin tissue referred to as “mucous membrane”.

Micro-organisms can readily interact with the immune system at that thin tissue.

For example, that’s what makes anal sex a particularly efficient way of transmitting HIV.

With regards to semen and sperm in the rectum, what happens?

The immune system of the owner of that rectum detects the proteins of the semen and sperm as “foreign”, meaning not from the rectum’s owner.

The immune system regards the “foreign” proteins as invaders that must be destroyed.

To attack and destroy the proteins [“antigens”] the immune system produces antibodies.

That antibody production takes time.

Multiple doses of antigen also helps trigger antibody production.

Those facts are why some vaccines are given in a number of doses over a period of time.

Multiple instances over a period of months of Anwar’s semen and sperm entering Saiful’s anus and rectum is perfect for provoking Saiful’s immune system to produce antibodies against Anwar’s semen and sperm.

Saiful’s blood could be tested for such antibodies.

However Saiful’s blood needs to be tested NOW, not later!

That is to avoid giving time for Saiful to be inoculated with Anwar’s semen and sperm to provoke antibody production to match Saiful’s testimony.

Proteins and antibodies to them are specific, they fit each other like a key fits a lock.

If Saiful has antibodies to Anwar’s semen and sperm there will be no mistaking it.

Conversely, if there are no such antibodies in Saiful NOW, it unmistakably means Anwar’s semen and sperm was NOT in Saiful’s anus and rectum on multiple occasions over a period of time.

Another aspect of anal sex without condom is that bacteria from the anus and rectum can enter the urethra of the insertive partner.

The bacteria can travel to the prostate gland of the insertive partner.

The prostate gland unfortunately is something of a safe haven for bacteria, the immune system and antibiotics have a difficult time reaching bacteria inside the prostate gland.

One effect on the prostate gland is it swells. That swelling tends to restrict the urethra and neck of the bladder and make urination difficult, especially it’s difficult to begin urination or technically micturition.

Guys, now when the guy at the urinal next to you struggles to start his stream of urine flowing you can guess what he has been doing ;-).

Now what REALLY bugs SOME men with that condition is that maybe 10 minutes after they finally manage to urinate they feel urgency to urinate again…

Guys, if you’re going to bonk anally please use condom with lots of lube, it will save you lots of grief.

Because those bacteria can remain in the prostate gland of the insertive partner they might be detectable.

That’s another aspect that could be looked into, although possibly a match of bacteria may have less certainty, meaning be less specific, than an antigen to antibody match.

Well, now it’s time for me to pack up and leave Starbucks.

Well, not quite yet, i have to go urinate, because of the caffeine, not because of how i bonk.