They’ll stop at nothing

Remember the RM60K that RPK got? His bail was only RM5K. He stayed in a bungalow, drove a brand new Civic, and is now living in London (at whose expense?)


Raja Petra Kamarudin

First they accuse me of living in Kalimullah’s apartment in Trinity Court in London. Then Daisy Chong accuses me of being on the payroll of a Chinese tawkey. Now this Umno website accuses me of walloping the RM60,0000 bail money. (You can read the article below).

Well, I might as well confess. I have been declared a bankrupt because I have unpaid debts of RM60 million and the money has been siphoned to my Swiss bank account. Of course, I had to pretend to be poor so that no one would know. But now that I am in the UK I am able to live it up.

So, do you think I need to wallop RM60,000 in bail money?

Actually, I gave the money to Bernard a.k.a. Zorro to use in bailing out six or seven people who were arrested during the candlelight vigil in the Civic Centre in Petaling Jaya. Maybe Zorro would like to say something on this matter and name those people he bailed out. (RM5,000 was also used to pay the bail for one Umno Blogger who is very close to Rocky and Big Dog).

These people did not have money and they would have had to be remanded in the Sungai Buloh Prison while awaiting trial if they were not bailed out. Since these cases go on for ten years or more they would have had to stay in prison for that entire period, whereas, if they are eventually found guilty, the jail sentence would have been just a couple of months at the most — or maybe it would have been just a fine of a couple of thousand Ringgit. (I met a chap in prison who had been there for more than seven years whereas if he had pleaded guilty he would have been home long before that).

Oh, by the way, I shall be spending part of that RM60 million to finance independent candidates in the next general election in the event Pakatan Rakyat accepts our offer to supply them with quality candidates (so no three-corner fights). If not…well, never mind. Then the money will stay in my Swiss bank account.

So there! Eat your heart out.

And the house was not a bungalow but a semi-detached house while the Honda Civic was purchased long before my arrest in 2008 (which means before the RM60,000 bail money).

Gotcha! Next time if you want to slander me do your homework first, loser!

Oh, and one more thing, if Rocky wants a new notebook computer just drop me a line and I will pay for it myself. No need for anyone else to chip in. Just contact Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and he will know how to reach me.


BigDog aims to help Rocky get another Ferrari!

The last time I remembered an online campaign to raise funds, it was done by RPK.

RPK had wanted the people’s support in raising bail money, to show that he had the support, a sought of ‘in yer face’ …at the judge. He raised around RM60k and had pledged to use the balance of the money to start up a defense fund for bloggers. That did not happen.

Yesterday, Rocky lost his broadband connection and laptop to the police who took the role of ‘tarik laptop’ and handed it over to the Raiss’ boys in MCMC.

I can understand the laptop, but modem? It is like a child, if you do this to me, I’ll do this back!!

So rightly, BigDog has initiated a campaign to raise money to get another laptop for Rocky.

I read the comments left behind by some people, and on twitter too.

Let me put this to you, its not about the money, its about the support for the right to blog and stand by it. What does MCMC aim to to with the laptop? Its not that we are anonymous! Hell, Rocky owned up to it, as did BigDog, and the guys in TnT.

So, click on the sticky banner on the sidebar, if you want to do your part. If not, no worries.

I also read that someone commented on Rocky’s position, and he should be able to get one himself. Again its the support.

Remember the RM60K that RPK got? His bail was only RM5K. He stayed in a bungalow, drove a brand new Civic, and is now living in London (at whose expense?)

So, its good to know that there is the support for RPK to do what he does, just as it is good to know that there is also support for Rocky to do what he does.

I know I am doing my small part by doing this, and so can you.