Can PKR defend Selangor?

  1. I am not an expert political analyst but some of my friends do their living by analyzing political activities in many countries including Malaysia. Two months ago my friends says the 13th GE is looming and it is anticipated to be held not later than the first quarter next year. The likelihood that it will be held in Dec 2010 is quite high if certain environment elements can be managed. The East Malaysia FD needs to be cashed in and this can be seen at the frequency of Najib trip to East Malaysia.

  2. Among the few latest signs of the looming election is the “forced SD” police report done by Rahimi Osman. It seems that he is one of former PA for Anwar. Today Rasid Rosli, another former aide to PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, claims that he was confined at a hotel and coerced into signing a statutory declaration against his will. It must be appreciated that this is a plan and organized disclosure and it must also be appreciated that this is not the last of it. It is expected major announcement will be done a few days after the dissolution of parliament. The latest announcement by the government on the deferred implementation of the GST is one of another strong signs.

  3. When RPK express his frustration in London, many PKR members and anti-BN group went into silence. There was hardly any commentary anywhere other than on the MSM. Many felt betrayed. Another salvo came when RPK wrote in MT Umno is beginning to look better than PKR. As anticipated, there were not many comments from the usual crowd. In my mind, RPK is a man proven to have many sources. When he says something and writes something it is not without basis. One needs to read with a clear conscience to appreciate that there is a lot of truth in what he says.

  4. While BN has a very slim chance of regaining Penang and Perak, Kedah is very much an even battle ground. Selangor is the battle jewel and something that must be recaptured at all cost and at the same not losing what is already in hand. GE 13 will not have many of the elements that brought the surprise victory to PR. Hindraf members have seen that their hard work has not been rewarded accordingly. The hate for BN is getting less. The accommodating attitude of Pak Lah towards the opposition is not there. One can expect that Najib will not be as merciful as Pak Lah. People are now getting frustrated with PR that the promise for change has not been meted out fully.

  5. In the last few weeks people are observing on how PKR conduct their election. From the first shot it is clear that everything is not well. In fact evidence are surfacing that the system is being manipulated in such a way to ensure that Anwar No1 loyalist will win. It is not surprising that Zaid Ibrahim made a demand in writing to party conduct its election in a transparent manner before he decide that he will contest. His enemies will say that he is laying the foundation for an excuse not to contest but I would disagree. The way Nurul Izzah was being denied from receiving adequate nomination support shows that everything is unwell in PKR. An aspiring No 2 contestant is worried of splitting votes among the members.