Umno is beginning to look better than PKR (UPDATED with Chinese Translation)

These shenanigans have got to stop. PKR is starting to look like a party of slime-balls and scumbags. Are they so scared of Nurul Izzah that they need to play dirty to disqualify here?


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Nurul fails in bid for PKR deputy presidency

(Free Malaysia Today) – Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar was unsuccessful in her bid for the PKR deputy presidency when she failed to get enough nominations.

She needed two nominations to pull through but had only one nomination to contend with.

Confirming the nomination results, PKR election committee member Wong Hoy Cheong said candidates must obtain at least two nominations but Nurul Izzah had obtained only one — from Keningau, Sabah, at the close of nomination on Sunday.

The PKR Lembah Pantai division had nominated PKR central committee member Zaid Ibrahim for the deputy presidency.

Wong said according to the nomination list, three candidates will vie for the PKR presidency and seven for the deputy presidency.

He declined to disclose details.

Twenty-seven candidates have enough nominations for seven vice-president posts and 209 for 20 central leadership council posts, he said.

The list of those who qualified to contest party top posts are being filtered before their names are announced on Saturday, he added.

Besides Nurul and Zaid, Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, PKR vice-presidents Mustafa Kamil Ayub and Mohamed Azmin Ali, and Zaid have entered the fray for the deputy presidency.

The party polls will be held from Oct 31 to Nov 21 while the national congress from Nov 26 to 28.


PKR announced that Nurul Izzah obtained only one nomination. And since she requires at least two she is therefore not eligible to contest the party deputy presidency. What they did not announce is that she obtained another two nominations on Monday. So that makes three nominations that she obtained.

The party also announced that she received the one nomination as at the closing date on Sunday. Therefore, the two that she obtained on Monday, which the party did not mention, does not count.

But who decided that nominations close on Sunday? Was this a party supreme council decision or was it the decision of an individual or ‘committee’?

I suppose they will now say that the supreme council decided to give the mandate and sole discretion to one person or to the election committee. Therefore, whatever this one person or committee decides becomes ‘law’.

Alright then, if this is the case, was this ‘law’ gazetted? All laws must be gazetted before they become law.  In other words was an announcement made informing everyone that the closing date for all nominations is Sunday and that all nominations received after this date will be rejected and will regarded as null?

A check with a few divisions reveals that they never received any gazette or circular from the party headquarters informing them that the closing date for nominations is Sunday.

Was it a ‘silent law’? Or did they expect everyone to read the minds of the people in the party headquarters? Mental telepathy maybe?

And when did they decide that Sunday is the closing date for nominations? Was this decided the following day, on Monday, after two more nominations for Nurul Izzah came in? In other words did they decide on the Sunday closing date on Monday when they realised that Nurul had received an additional two nominations and that this would therefore qualify her to contest the party deputy presidency?

I smell a rat here, a dead rat. And the smell stinks to high heaven. It appears like PKR is even dirtier than Umno. Now, even Umno is looking better than PKR.

These shenanigans have got to stop. PKR is starting to look like a party of slime-balls and scumbags. Are they so scared of Nurul Izzah that they need to play dirty to disqualify here?

Rules are fine. We need rules or else all hell will break loose and chaos will reign. But changing the rules, practicing unwritten rules, not informing players of the rules and then catching them unexpectedly, and moving the goalposts halfway through the game to win by fraud is just not on.

Play fair. Let Nurul contest. If she losses she must learn how to manage defeat. That would be a good lesson for her. And if she wins then it is the members’ choice. But disqualifying her because of a rule that no one knew about are things Umno does and not something that PKR should ape.

Sigh…I expect when ex-Umno people head PKR then we should not be surprised when they use Umno tactics in PKR. A leopard never changes its spots. So why should the ex-Umno people in PKR change their Umno habits as well?

I suppose we can always just sit back and watch PKR self-destruct. Then, come the next election, we can choose either DAP or PAS to vote for. Of course, there is always PSM or PRM in the event that DAP or PAS are not contesting in that particular constituency. Or we can persuade Gerakan to change its outdated and expired shelf-life leaders and then leave Barisan Nasional whereby we can all rally behind Gerakan as the new Third Force and multi-racial party like how it started out back in 1968.

I think I will go join Gerakan if they promise to revamp the party and change its leaders and leave Barisan Nasional to start life anew as a Third Force for all Malaysians fed up of both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat.


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