Moles in MACC

  1. The NST published a story where it was reported that MACC lodge a police report over the release of confidential investigation papers from their safekeeping. These papers are related to the news leak that appears on Malaysia Today. For those who appreciate the value of national interest and national secrets, MOLES are considered dangerous. They can be considered as traitors to the organization that they represent and to the nation.

  2. Only God knows how much RPK knows and how much materials in the police strong room, MACC super duper confidential cabinets are actually in RPK’s possession. Only God knows what type of documents and the level of importance of the documents out there that is within RPK access. I wonder how many of the materials out there are of relevant to national interest.

  3. While security organizations worldwide find ways to weed out moles, it appears that our security organization is breeding them. These new breed of moles risk their lives in revealing detail information that does not normally meets the public eye. Whether they gave it out for free or for a fee, it is something that people should consider. My assessment based on the selective disclosure by RPK for many years, it appears that these are good moles. Moles with conscience that had no choice but went public with their information because they felt the system that they are in are rotten and cannot defend the right and the weak. The system that they are in is neither neutral nor professional in approach.

  4. In my assessment, I find RPK has been equally responsible in his releases. He is very careful in not releasing any security papers that has an impact on the nation but rather has been releasing information about people in the service that has abused their positions in the government service. For this RPK deserves more than a praised. He deserves to be knighted.