Deeply regret that media will give coverage to a poison pen letter which was obviously false and a piece of rubbish

Ngeh Koo Ham, DAP Deputy Secretary General & MP for Beruas

I refer to the media coverage concerning a poison letter which has been circulating even before 1/10/2010. I deeply regret that the media should give coverage to such a piece of rubbish.

The letter has no author, no date, no address or contact number and its contents obviously false.

It was addressed to 19 DAP State elected representatives and 6 DAP MPs in the Perak State. (Note:The DAP has only 18 State elected representatives in the State of Perak).

It alleges that all the 6 MPs and 19 State elected representatives were given timber concessions and each of them were paid RM500,000-00 for each of timber concession. No one in his right mind would ever believe that YB Lim Kit Siang, myself, YB M. Kula, YB Nga Kor Ming, YB Fong Po Kuan and YB M. Manogaran and all the other State Assemblymen/women of the DAP would be involved in such a scandal.

If anyone has any evidence of any corrupt practice, against any DAP elected representative, he can easily sell it to UMNO/BN for a million ringgit each. The evidence will ensure that DAP/PR will not get the trust of the people and therefore, the mandate to lead the State in the next General Election.

The records of PR’s administration are in the hands of the BN Perak Government and BN has taken control the Perak State since 6/2/2009. If there is evidence of corruption, they would have exposed it long time ago. The police and the MACC would have been after us a long time ago. Imagine how the MACC went after PR leaders in the Teoh Beng Hock case when the alleged (which is not true) misuse of fund was only about RM2,400.00.

On the contrary, the Auditor General’s office which is a department of the Federal Government has given the PR Perak Government an unprecedented 4 Star excellent performance rating for PR’s short administration of Perak.

I believe the poison letter is not an inside job as speculated by some because it implicates all MPs and State Representatives of the Perak DAP. It was circulated before the outburst of Sdr M. Kulasegaran on the night of 1st October, 2010 when he announced his intention to leave the Perak DAP.

I believe, just like the demonstration by a group of protestors ( who claimed to be DAP members but are not ) infront of DAP Perak on 6/10/2010, it is the work of BN or its supporter. SATU LAGI PROJEK BN.