Top 10 Reason Why 1Malaysia is Dead!

By Damian Denis

Why I think 1Malaysia is as good as a dead cat? The facts is just below:-

1) UMNO & Ketuanan Melayu – Kerismudin started to raise the keris in two of UMNO General Assembly. Some said it is a call to war! Against whom? Against 1Malaysia. It is very un-becoming of you to behave such as this knowing the kind of legacy your father and grandfather left & wished for Malaysia.

2) Khairy Jamaluddin speech where he said that the rakyat had been deprived of the UMNO President’s speech because a certain race (Indians) monopolised the newspaper distribution. Who asked you to organized the UMNO General Assembly on Deepavali day? There goes 1Malaysia to the drain.

3) Ahmad Ismail during the Permatang Pauh by-ellection calling Chinese as pendatangs. What the hell men? What about you? Where did you came from? Go and check your roots first! On top of it when Ahmad was suspended from UMNO we see UMNO Secretary General (Tengku Adnan) sitting just next to him in the said press conference. Wither 1Malaysia.

4) Nasir Safar – Who said Chinese women came to work as prostitutes and Indians as beggars to Malaya. The Advisor who happen to be the closest to the 1Malaysia PM is the last person on earth who should utter such words. But not in 1Malaysia dude!

5) Perkasa & Ibrahim Ali – Should I say more? The mother of all frogs who is hell bent to become a hero here is spewing venom (literally sometimes) wherever he goes. They have made their intentions well known that the NEP is here to stay for good. But this so-called “hero” has got no guts and the brains to take up Nurul Izzah’s challenge to debate on the special position of the Malays as stated in the constitution. And as days goes by UMNO is seen as not only outsourcing its dirty job to Perkasa but becoming ever more kowtow-ing to it as well. And if UMNO kowtow to Perkasa i wonder what is the position of the other BN component parties? Ahh…the whole of BN is also kowtow-ing to Perkasa lah!

Najib, I hope you are reading this!

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