Chua Soi Lek, So What If PAS Occupy The “Captain’s Seat”

By Richard Loh

Chua Soi Lek, why are you so afraid of  PAS ruling this country?

Is it because of your immoral sex-capade that was acceptable by Umno and not PAS?

Do you sincerely think that PAS can implement an Islamic state and introduce the hudud laws?  Don’t forget that mca had supported umno in declaring that the country is an islamic country illegally. Remember 929?

Why should we, the Chinese be threaten by you, an immoral leader, who keeps on harping on non existing threats by PAS.

On every point, PAS would be a much better government than the present umno. Tell me what have you done so far to curb umno’s racism, corruptions, religious intolerant towards others, indiscriminate arrests, cannot hold candle vigils, cannot wear this or that (remember the journalist Tan Hoon Cheng?), deaths under custody (too many names to list but Teoh Beng Hock should tingled your mind) and the many other discrimination against the non malays.

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