Cina Pergi Mampus!

By steadyaku47

Do you Chinese know that we Malays do not say that a Chinese has died? No we have this term we use – “Cina Mampus” … I really cannot think of an English equivalent that would do justice to the venom and contempt that the phrase intends to conveys!

But for me personally that phrase has not been used or even thought of for a long long time. It came back to me just now when I was trying to find a way to make the Chinese understand the depth of hatred that some Malays still do have for you infidels and pork eating people who dare to call Malaysia their home! And so my friend you need to take this in the context that I am trying to frame it. Racial harmony is not an easy thing. Racial harmony will not come naturally for a number of Malays. And of course for some Malays they need racial harmony like they need a hole in their head!
If you understand this then you understand the work we all have to do to make this happen. For those Malays past their teens it might be a steep learning curve for them to traverse – almost impossible for some to consider. But maybe with better education it can be done. And education of the very young is the place to start now! And if you know what Barisan Nasional have been doing in education in all the time that they have governed us then you understand even more the urgency of having another government to take their place so that our young could be taught that racial politics is verboten!
But we Malays are also mindful of the deep seated feelings that lies within the mentality of the Chinese youth and those who have grown up under the oppressive rule of the UMNO led Barisan Nasional Government. We Malays are only too aware that feelings just as intense against the Malays are also rooted in the physic of the Chinese – possible more in those Chinese in secondary and higher institution of learning. Where they have already developed the ability to think and reason for themselves what they want to think of the Malays. The same Malays that is the privileged ethnic group. The same Malays that is privy to the best education, almost all business opportunities from the government and the same Malays that asks them to speak in Bahasa, write in Bahasa and learn in Bahasa!
The tension for the Chinese and the Malays lies just below the surface. Real and not imaginary. And all this while we have a Government that plays the racial issues like one would fly a kite.
First you hold the kite tightly.
If you want the kite to fly higher and the wind is right – you release the length of string. To lower the kite simply pull in the string. If played properly the kite will do as you wish.
For the UMNO led Barisan Nasional it is imperative for them to have total control over the racial divide. To do that they need to have all the races balanced on a knife-edge with them holding the knife. And they will play us as they think fit.
And that is why my friends they allow Perkasa to flourish. That is why Najib and Muhyiddin put on a good cop and bad cop act all the time. Najib promotes  1 Malaysia and Muhyiddin champions Ketuanan Melayu! Din takes out the Keris then Din puts the Kris away! They play MCA and MIC like a true violinist. Always making them play for their supper. No effort is spared. Keep PKFZ just on the boil – always threatening to boil over but yet they know what to do with the fire to keep it under control while MCA understands that it will stay that way if they dance to UMNO’s tune. The do the same with MIC and the those politicians from Sabah and Sarawak.