PKR Fracas: Who Will Rise from the Ashes?

Whatever it is, after all the circus may not be over yet as the real concern now is whether the central leadership election will be conducted fairly and transparently by the party.

by Aidil Syukri, Malaysian Digest  

It’s all out there in the media. Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s (PKR) 204 divisions’ annual meeting that took place nationwide for three weeks were contaminated by violence, tension and protests. The chaotic incidents that were reported to have taken place in at least a dozen branches had forced the adjournment of at least nine branches’ meeting. Kapar, Klang, Petaling Jaya Selatan, Kuala Langat (Selangor), Pasir Gudang, Tebrau, Kota Tinggi (Johore), Saratok, Lubuk Antu, Serian (Sarawak), Jerai, Merbok (Kedah) and Kuala Nerus (Terengganu) all were tainted by unnecessary fracases.

..That aside, the meetings had also ended with some surprising results that pretty much demonstrated the true face of PKR’s democracy. Despite the embarrassing episode, current PKR Vice-President, Azmin Ali is leading the race for the deputy president post after receiving nominations from 102 branches. Meanwhile, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim who has declared that he will also be contesting for the post received 38 nominations. Incidentally, one of the votes happens to come from the largest branch in Selangor which is led by Azmin that is Hulu Selangor. Besides Azmin and Zaid, Perak PKR Chairman, Mustaffa Kamil Ayub who received 17 nominations had also offered to be a contender vying for the party’s No 2 post.
Meanwhile, for the Vice President post, there are 27 candidates that have qualified for the contest which seen Fuziah Salleh received the highest nominations that is 115 and followed by Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin (45), Lee Boon Chye (35) and Mustaffa Kamil (34).
However, there is still no confirmation about the election for the president post, even though three names that had been submitted by the branches that is the current holder, Datin Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (123), PKR de facto leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (15) and Zaid Ibrahim (3).
Unexpected results that were unveiled during the three weeks of PKR divisions include the defeat of the main leaders of PKR in their respective branches. Among those who lost were Telok Kemang MP Datuk Kamarul Bahrin Abas, Bukit Lanjan state assemblyman Elizabeth Wong, Mustaffa Kamil and, most surprising of all was the vice-president of the party, R Sivarasa who only received five votes...
Meanwhile, in Sabak Bernam, the violence erupted when the candidate for branch deputy chief, Abu Talib Bujang and his son Mohd Fadli were beaten by a group of party members. PKR Secretary-General, Saifuddin Nasution yesterday claimed that the chaos that arose during the elections in several branches of PKR was caused by irresponsible people who are not the members of the party.
“I would like to stress here that the incidents only happened at four branches only. That is Kuala Langat, Kapar, Klang and Sabak Bernam. We have identified that those who are responsible in creating the problem are not legitimate members of PKR,” said Saifuddin who is also Machang MP.
“For example, the problem that happened in Kuala Langat that was created by Abdul Razak Halidi who claimed that he is our member. We have investigated and we found out that he is no longer a member of PKR. He joined PKR from Umno and then quit from PKR on July 5 2007 to rejoin Umno,” he added.
In his damage control undertaking, Saifuddin also said that the unruliness that broke out in Klang and Sabak Bernam were the works of non-PKR members. According to him, PKR has lodged a police report and demanded for the police to expedite investigations and take appropriate action against those involved in the fracases.
Whatever it is, after all the circus may not be over yet as the real concern now is whether the central leadership election will be conducted fairly and transparently by the party.