MACC, Khir Toyo & RPK

  1. Past week, I have been following and interesting revelation about MACC investigations on Khir Toyo trip to Morocco and several other places which were published by Malaysia Today. I wanted to comment earlier but since I have been reading MT, I was convinced that RPK was laying a trap. By the time Part 8 of his article came out, it is clear to me that his bait has been bitter. MACC officers who declared this case as NFA should be taken to task.

  2. People can speculate on the nature of secrecy of the investigations and some groups are demanding that action should be taken against RPK for breaching Official Secret Act. However any half educated person can see that Khir Toyo joined the trip despite not being in the original working group. Without his blessing no one can go for holiday to Morocco. Therefore steps are taken to ensure that he, his maid and family can join this one expensive holiday.

  3. In my assessment, it is beyond reasonable doubt that there is a case for the prosecution to consider but unfortunately it appears that the case report and assessment is done with the objective not to implicate him. The objective of the investigation appears not to establish the truth but to clear the dentist of any wrong doing.