Let’s unite to counter BN lies, distortions in Galas, says Zaid

By Sam Lini, Free Malaysia Today

PETALING JAYA: PKR and DAP will have to keep aside their respective internal problems and work hard to ensure PAS retains the Galas state seat, said Pakatan Rakyat’s coordinator Zaid Ibrahim today.

“It is important that we (PKR and DAP) help out PAS to ensure this seat remains in the hands of Pakatan,” he told FMT today.

He added that the three parties will have to put up a strong show together to counter Barisan Nasional/Umno’s “campaign of lies and distortions”.

Both PKR and DAP are facing internal turmoil right now which is threatening to derail their respective attempts to strengthen their power base in order to topple BN from Putrajaya.

PKR, which is in the midst of holding its party elections, has been rocked by rifts in the party as a result of different camps fighting for posts. Even a senior leader like Zaid has been a victim of lies and personal attacks.

DAP meanwhile will hold its party polls in December but it also faces internal strife in both Selangor and Perak, involving its top national leaders.

The third member of Pakatan Rakyat, PAS, lost its state assemblyman in Galas, Che Hashim Sulaima, 48, last Monday.

Observers believe the contest there will be a tight race considering the volatile voting pattern. In 2004, Umno won the seat and in 2008, Che Hashim won with a thin majority of 646 votes when he received 4,399 votes against BN’s Saufi Deraman who polled 3,753 votes.

While Umno has said that it would pit a local leader for the post, it nevertheless faces uncertainty over the choice of its elections director.

Although veteran leader Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has been named by the party for the post, the Kelantan prince has not officially accepted the responsibility. Calls have also been made for Razaleigh to be named as Umno’s candidate.

Razaleigh is the Gua Musang MP and Galas falls under this constituency. Two other state seats under the constituency are held by BN.

The Election Commission will meet on Oct 6 to determine the nomination and polling dates.

To visit Galas next week

“We realise that Razaleigh will be a big factor for BN in the by-election but we will have to be prepared to counter BN and Umno, not just Razaleigh,” said Zaid, who added that he will be making a visit to Galas next week.