Musa Hassan, a thorn in Hishammuddin’s side

So it is now quite obvious that Musa Hassan is back doing what he is best at — authoring poison pen letters to fix people up. He did that to Tan Sri Norian Mai and Tan Sri Bakri Omar. He even directed Dato’ Christopher Wan to set up an anonymous blog against Dato’ Johari Baharom, former Deputy Minister of Home Affairs.


Bukit Aman Deep Throat

On 30th September 2010, Malaysia Today published an article entitled “The Cradle of Power Behind The Police Force” ( written by someone calling himself/herself Malaysian Police Watch. It is such a copycat piece. There was no originality at all either in the plot or in the script. It is basically a reproduction of what Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) had previously written in his series “All roads lead to Putrajaya” dating back to 2007. These days everyone tries to copy RPK’s style of writing, even his own biggest enemy Musa Hassan!

It is unmistakeable that Malaysian Police Watch is a mercenary writer hired by the syndicate angry at those people who had sent Musa Hassan into oblivion. The modus operandi is simple enough, just copy what RPK had said about the BK Tan syndicate and change the time, place and characters. Where RPK had attacked Musa Hassan for being a stooge of that shadowy character, BK Tan, Malaysian Police Watch changed it to Hishammuddin and attempted to link the Minister to Tan Sri Ta Kan Yin.

The logic was simple. Linking bigger names will make their fabricated story more explosive. The warning shots were already fired by Musa Hassan within days of Minister Hishammuddin’s announcement that Musa’s contract would not be extended. Musa then gave an interview with Mingguan Malaysia and accused outside interference in the internal management of Polis DiRaja Malaysia (PDRM). When asked whom he meant, Musa pointed the finger at the Ministry of Home Affairs and Minister Hishammuddin Hussein.

That Musa Hassan would be relentless in his attacks against Minister Hishammuddin is clear from this passage in the article by Malaysian Police Watch:

“After having been unsuccessful to manipulate the untimely removal of Tan Sri Musa Hassan as the IGP six months ago, the Minister of Home Affairs, Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein had finally pre-empted any move to extend Tan Sri Musa Hassan’s contract of service as the IGP for another one year term. Hishamuddin jumped the gun with a surprise announcement before the media on 1 Sep 2010 that Tan Sri Musa contract of service as IGP would not be extended and that his deputy, Tan Sri Ismail Omar would take over.”

One can see that Musa Hassan is seething with anger. One can see that the syndicate backing him is fearful of the repercussions of their actions and have launched this series of offensives as a pre-emptive strike against Minister Hishammuddin’s attempts with the new IGP to restore PDRM to its core values and functions — i.e. the maintenance of law of order and the preservation of life and property. Musa Hassan’s tenure as IGP saw PDRM straying from these core values and functions which thus saw the crime index shooting up to unprecedented levels and the morale of PDRM spiralled down to its lowest ebb. Because of this, crime reduction was made one of the National Key Results Area (NKRA). This is testimony that Musa Hassan as IGP had failed to make the country safe.

After firing warning flares against the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) prior to his retirement, now already retired Musa and his handlers are launching scud missiles using his agents in the mainstream media like Lourdes Charles of The Star and Ruhaidini Abdul Kadir of Utusan Malaysia and together with former Special Branch Othman Talib they are showing that Musa Hassan cannot be dismissed simpliciter and will not take things lying down. Musa is doing what he does best by “lempar batu sembunyi tangan” to remind Hishammuddin that he will remain a thorn in Hishammuddin’s side.

In that article, the most preposterous allegations were made against the following persons as celebrating Musa Hassan’s retirement: SAC Wan Najmuddin, the new IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar, the new Deputy IGP Dato’ Hussin Ismail, the CPO of Terengganu Dato’ Shukri Dahlan, retired IGP Tan Sri Norian Mai, Dato’ Ghazali Fauzi, Dato’ Kamaruddin Desa, Dato’ Dell Akhbar and Dato’ Nawawi Ismail.

To spice up the story, the ghost writer alleged that a ‘celebration dinner’ was held at the Kelab Shah Alam was under the patronage of a prominent businessman, Tan Sri Ta Kin Yan. Tan Sri Ta was even portrayed as the head of a syndicate for illegal activities — i.e. bookies, illegal lotteries, gaming machines, prostitution, drug trafficking, secret societies, ah longs and smugglers.

That article is actually quite hilarious as it is taken right out of RPK’s previous expose’ on the BK Tan-Musa Hassan exploits on PDRM as stated under oath in a Statutory Declaration by Musa Hassan’s own ADC, ASP Azizul, who branded Musa as a “Pengkhianat Bangsa”. Several other officers had also sworn Statutory Declarations against Musa. To silence them, Musa had them charged for fabricating evidence against him.

All these officers have since been acquitted. In defence of these men, Dato’ Ramli Yusuff gave a press conference of the clear and present danger facing the Police Force when its own IGP was not defending the men in blue, but instead defended and colluded with the Attorney- General Gani Patail to free that twice EO detainee Goh Cheng Poh @ Tengku Goh at the bidding of the BK Tan syndicate. These are proven facts, not some copycat conjectures as was done by that ghost writer.

To verify the truth or otherwise of the article by Malaysian Police Watch, we had the Special Branch (SB) boys under Dato’ Zamri Yahya, who is Tun Ahmad Sarji’s son-in-law, to provide their surveillance report, and this is the English translation of what the report states:

1.            There was no covert celebration dinner at Kelab Shah Alam;

2.            There was an open and transparent buka puasa at Hyatt Saujana since it was Ramadan;

3.            Tan Sri Ta Kin Yan was not involved. He did not organize nor even knew about the buka puasa. He was not there at all;

4.            Rumour that Pai Kar Lek and a few other kingpins were there is totally untrue. Surveillance, photographs and audio and video recordings of the guests during the buka puasa did not show any prominent Chinese from the corporate world or the underworld;

5.            The conclusion to be made is that the article is a fabrication to smear the name of the new IGP and the hierarchy of PDRM.

Now, anyone who knows Dato’ Zamri will know that he is a no-nonsense SB man. He is non-partisan and will tolerate no nonsense. He is so professional that even RPK had written favourably about him when he interrogated RPK during his ISA detention in 2008. These are the kind of officers that PDRM needs to have more men in the same mould as Dato’ Ramli Yusuff.

Incidentally, Dato Zamri had served as the Ketua Cawangan Khas (KCK) in Pahang when Dato’ Ramli was CPO Pahang.

An analysis of the background of the officers and civilians specifically mentioned in the article also disclosed the following:

1.            SAC Wan Najmuddin – he was one of the brightest stars in the CID under Dato’ Ramli Yusuff and was earmarked for fast track promotion as he also holds a Masters degree in law. Dato’ Ramli believed in fast tracking promotion of officers with high academic qualifications. When Musa Hassan became IGP, he sidelined Wan Najmuddin and encouraged petition writers from the underworld to make allegations against Wan Najmuddin. Fortunately, the Yang DiPertuan Agong (YDPA) saw him as a charismatic officer and he was made the YDPA’s ADC. Later, when crime escalated and the government decided that the performance of PDRM has to be made one of the NKRA, Wan Najmuddin was made Minister Hishamuddin’s  special officer. That is one of the key reasons why crime was curtailed, as Wan Najmuddin was sufficiently experienced to advise the Minister of the ills besetting PDRM. This angered Musa Hassan who became paranoid that Wan Najmuddin was undermining him;

2.            The new IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar and the new Deputy IGP Dato’ Hussin Ismail were named in the article in order to smear and discredit them as being susceptible to manipulations;

3.            The CPO of Terengganu Dato’ Shukri Dahlan is known to be an independent minded officer who did not quite get along with Musa Hassan;

4.            Retired IGP Tan Sri Norian Mai was the man whom Musa Hassan made a target of poison pen letters at one time when Musa worked closely with Tan Sri Bakri to bring down. As a result, Tan Sri Norian Mai was not given an extension of his service.  This came full circle when Musa did the same thing to Tan Sri Bakri;

5.            Dato’ Ghazali Fauzi was the Director of KDNKA who was told of Musa Hassan’s  involvement  with the syndicate by Musa Hassan’s  ADC, ASP Azizul;

6.            Dato’ Kamaruddin Desa (Kamarudin gemuk) was the officer who discovered Musa Hassan’s  hidden hands in crafting  poison pen letters against Tan Sri Norian Mai when Kamarudin took over Musa’s office and found deleted these letters in the erased data in the hard disc of Musa’s office computer;

7.            Dato’ Dell Akhbar is a celebrated and decorated officer whom Musa disliked. Musa generally disliked officers who would shine more than him. Thus he felt that he would be more prominent if PDRM did not have officers more charismatic than him. Tan Sri Ismail Omar is generally a low profile and humble officer and it was these qualities that Musa Hassan wanted to exploit by having them surround him to make him look good;

8.            Tan Sri Ta Kin Yan is a prominent businessman who was disliked by Musa Hassan’s handler BK Tan. It is amusing that the ghost writer would try to implicate Tan Sri Ta just to spice up his story. Tan Sri Ta is known for his philanthropic activities. He is a Chinese community leader whom Minister Hishamuddin has found to be helpful in assisting the police with intelligence on criminal activities. It is this sort of intelligence that BK Tan is afraid of.

So it is now quite obvious that Musa Hassan is back doing what he is best at — authoring poison pen letters to fix people up. He did that to Tan Sri Norian Mai and Tan Sri Bakri Omar. He even directed Dato’ Christopher Wan to set up an anonymous blog against Dato’ Johari Baharom, former Deputy Minister of Home Affairs. Musa fixed six of his own rank and file officers and got them charged, and all have been acquitted since. He also fixed Dato’ Ramli Yusuff, only to have the Kota Kinabalu Judge condemning him instead as an unreliable witness. When his contract was not about to be extended, he tried to undermine Tan Sri Ismail from being the new IGP by calling him names. In the recent article, Musa’s agents have begun branding the new IGP as a ‘yes’ man to the Home Minister.

Minister Hishammuddin and IGP Ismail Omar have to be prepared that they will be made the targets of more slanderous attacks. Musa Hassan will not keep quiet or take things lying down. He is intent on being a thorn in Hishammuddin’s side.