Zaid unveils manifesto for reforms

By Teoh El Sen, Free Malaysia Today

PETALING JAYA: PKR deputy president contender Zaid Ibrahim today unveiled his “manifesto” which highlights his proposed reform agenda for the party if he is elected to the post next month.

Among his proposals are to recruit more members, rope in sidelined reformists, empower the divisions and strenghthen PKR’s position in Pakatan Rakyat.

Zaid said that he would turn the party into one which fights for all races, adding that he would concentrate on leading the party forward.

He said he did not want to be like other leaders saddled with political or personal problems which could hamper their work on making the party strong.

Writing in his blog today, Zaid admitted that he faced opposition from several senior party leaders who rejected his vision for the party for various reasons.

“But this is not important… I know the people and party members are mature enough to gauge the value of each leader. I leave it to the members to evaluate my proposed reforms,” he said.

Zaid has come under incessant attacks from several party leaders for talking to the press on his agenda for the party. His detractors accused him of tarnishing the party’s reputation by openly questioning its leadership.

Action against ‘unfriendly statements’

In a move sure to anger Zaid’s supporters, FMT learnt today that the party leadership has instructed its election committee to take action against any candidate who makes statements that could tarnish the party’s image.

Sources said the decision was made despite objections from the election committee.

Only yesterday the party’s political bureau empowered the election committee to investigate and take stern action against members who had caused the ruckus in the ongoing divisional polls.

The bureau also gave powers to the committee to look into incidents of candidates and members who criticised the party or leaders following their defeat in the polls.

The decision to take action against leaders who make “unfriendly statements” will only cause Zaid backers to buttress their argument that the party leadership is going all out to ensure Zaid is defeated by Azmin Ali for the deputy’s post.

Tomorrow will see the final round of divisional elections and nominations for the top posts. At present, Azmin is leading the race with 90 nominations to Zaid’s 33. Another contestant, Mustaffa Kamil Ayub, has 16. Zaid has also two nominations for the president’s post.