Desmond Lim – the new Chinaman kingpin of Putrajaya

1. There is one man pushing his way around the corridors of Putrajaya, telling everyone he has the approval of Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

2. His name is Datuk Desmond Lim.

3. Most people on the street will say Desmond who? 

4. This low-profile businessman has powerful backers, many of them in Umno.

5. In fact, many people say he has now edged out raja judi Vincent Tan, Low Taek Jho and Tan Kay Hock.

6. Lim and wife Cindy are the new powerbroker in Putrajaya.

7. Before now, he was only known as the biggest shareholder in Malton, the company that bailed out Patrick Lim and the fantastic Penang Global City Centre.

8. He was also the middleman in the scandal to buy locomotive engines from Communist China.

9. But this man is not contended after making so much money. He is now about to snap up several pieces of prime property.

10. Desmond, whose wife is close to the first family, is eyeing a prized piece of land near Pavilion and in Bangsar. 

11. You may say so what? Anyone can buy land right?