What The Blazes is PKR Up To?

Have you read the Press Statement by Lee Boon Chye in Malaysia Today? Lately, I have NOT been impressed with PKR and this press release seems to be the final nail in the coffin for them where I am concerned.

The press release seems to imply that they don’t believe in good internal communication practices for effective communication among members of any organization. Effective internal communication certainly adds significant value to organizations on all metrics from productivity, objectives, direction and in this case – an indication of what lies in the horizon both for Zaid and for PKR!

Am I angry? You bet! I did not blog much for the past few days because I had been so disappointed with recent developments in PKR and a report in FMT which indicated the possibility that Zaid might be sacked from PKR (read about it HERE).

What on earth is wrong with a face-to-face meeting amongst the disgruntled ones within PKR and for them to thrash out their grouses?

Is it such an inconvenience to find a place to meet and to set aside time for a mature discussion?

Is there a need to wash dirty linen in public?

To me, those PKR members making public statements/press releases should be taken to task for all that has transpired in the past few weeks.

Where is maturity and level-headedness – qualities which are vital for political leaders? Are they then ready to lead, to march to Putrajaya as they claim, IF they cannot even get their own house right?

What we see before us is even worse than childish quarrels between classmates in kindergarten or primary school. At least kids have the guts to stare at each other eyeball to eyeball and then to get it off their chest by ranting or screaming their lungs out at each other. At least they have the ba**s to tell each other what they think of each other face to face not like others who have to hide behind the aprons of news portals or press releases!

Here – we see press releases, press statements – leaders making statements to media personnel and even to other online portal writers.

Is the stuff that leaders of the country should be made of?

Take a look at some of the statements from the press release HERE: