Another tycoon speaks on Malaysian myopic internal affairs

By romerz

From the same forum where Sir Richard Branson spoke (read the preceding blog posting), this time is the turn of Bahrain’s Kanoo Group deputy chairman Mishal Hamed Kanoo.

“There is one thing Malaysia has to be careful of. You have a ‘delightful’ law here… where you give the local population certain seats or certain preference or certain licences,” Kanoo Group deputy chairman Mishal Hamed Kanoo told reporters at the “Dawn of the New Decade: Alternative Investments in Asia” forum here today.

“If you do that and foreign investors want to come in — they’re not used to this idea — you might scare them.”

Read the rest of The Malaysian Insider’s report here – Bahrain tycoon says thatBumi policy can scare away investors.

(note that this is the second time in so many days that successful foreigners have warned us about our internal affairs if we desire to belong to the international world and raise our standards of living).


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