PKR to kick out Zaid?

By FMT Staff

KUALA LUMPUR: PKR deputy presidential contender Zaid Ibrahim may end up being suspended or sacked from the party, according to a posting on the popular blog Haris Ibrahim.

Haris, blogging in his People’s Parliament, quoted “someone high up” in PKR, as saying:

“If Zaid cannot be persuaded to pull out after nominations are closed, they’ll find a way to disqualify Zaid from contesting.

“A charge of misconduct, money politics, or of bringing the party into disrepute will be trumped up, and Zaid will be either suspended or sacked.”

According to the blogger’s source, party supremo Anwar Ibrahim and Zaid’s rival Azmin Ali would ensure that Azmin would win the deputy presidency uncontested.

“Both Anwar and Azmin realise that even if Azmin pulls off an impressive tally of nominations for the No.2 post, that in no way guarantees that the members’ vote will go the same way,” Haris quoted the PKR man as saying.

According to the latest reports, 90 PKR divisions have nominated Azmin and 33 have nominated Zaid.

In recent weeks, Zaid has given interviews to the mainstream media in which he had questioned Anwar’s role as the party advisor, urging him to contest for the president’s post.

He has also spoken about lies and attacks hurled at him by certain party leaders following his decision to contest for the deputy’s post.

Anwar’s dream team

Haris’s article also strengthened rumours that Anwar will eventually announce his candidacy for president.

Claiming that he got his information from insider sources, the blogger said Anwar’s dream team would consist of Azmin as deputy president, Rafizi Ramli as youth chief, Zuraidah Kamaruddin as women’s chief, Mansor Othman, Lee Boon Chye, R Sivarasa and someone from Sabah or Sarawak as elected vice presidents, and Fuziah Salleh, Chua Jui Meng and another candidate from Sabah or Sarawak as appointed vice presidents.

Haris alleged that Anwar and Azmin were trying to undermine Zaid’s popularity in the East Malaysian states. He said his PKR source confirmed this and quoted him as follows: