Blame racial divide on lack of non-Bumis, says Hanif Omar

(TMI) Ex-top cop Tun Hanif Omar believes that the lack of non-Bumiputeras in sectors such as the civil service and government-linked companies is one of the factors leading to racial division in the country.

The former Inspector-General of Police (IGP) said the government had not put enough emphasis on national unity in the past years.

“There are not a lot of non-Bumiputeras in the civil service, in government-linked companies and there is also a lack of Malays in Chinese businesses,” Hanif told a session at the National Unity Forum 2010 here.

The Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM) president claimed the imbalance representation in those sectors has a cascading effect on racial division in the country.

He said this was proof that the government has not done enough to address racial division in the country and that the time to rectify the problem was now.

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