PKR Sabah Kota Kinabalu Cabang Election

Please share with all your readers what I observed on Saturday 18th September 2010 at No. 602 Jalan Sang Kancil, Kota Kinabalu.  I was there when polling started.

By Hill Billy

Firstly and surprisingly, none of the Members’ statuses were verified by officials from PKR HQ.  It was out-sourced to people who are clearly working for and/or aligned to the incumbent.

The incumbent was seen giving orders to them and on many occasions throwing tantrums at them as well.

All the Ballot Papers were dished out by the officials from PKR HQ without them actually counter-checking from the Membership Roll whether the receiver is indeed a Qualified Member entitled to vote.

On more than three occasions, I even saw one person approaching the officials from PKR HQ with two, three, and four MyKads to collect all the Ballot Papers.

Another strange part was the incumbent’s people marking Ballot Papers on behalf of Members everywhere in the compound (some on the street outside the gate) and then passing the marked Ballot Papers back to the Members and tell them to enter the Polling Area and deposit the marked Ballot Papers into the respective Ballot Boxes.

During the counting of votes, I was standing in a small crowd outside the gate to watch the process.  Although it rained heavily, we clearly heard the officials from PKR HQ admitting that the number of Ballot Papers issued was far more than the actual number of Members who came for the election.

One mainstream media reporter sitting right in front of the gate inside the compound told another industry colleague that the members who supported the incumbent are largely uneducated.  Our jaws dropped when we heard the latter telling the former that there are illegal alongs, 4-digit sellers, smugglers, and drug pushers in the line-up.