UMNO is financing the Burmese Junta

By John Doe

My trip into Burma was riddled with sadness. The general population live below the poverty line, and food, if any, scarce, and expensive. Fuel costs drive prices high, while healthcare, and medical services are almost non-existent. More than 35% of the Population has Fungal problems, and nearly 1.1% of the Population is HIV positive. Lack of education, and lack of any real infrastructure has driven the general well-being of the Populace spiraling downwards.

Yangon looks and feels like one big slum, and a stroll in the city of 5 million people, would either leave you completely covered in dust, or mud, depending whether it rains or not. In fact, you get to see more mud and dirt, than tarred roads in the heart of the (former) capital city.

The Junta limits “Tourists” to “Sanitized Zones”, thus severely limiting the opportunity to visit the Nuclear Plants which are being built just outside Napydaw, and 3 other locations. (Napydaw, by the way, is like the PutraJaya of Malaysia) Despite sanctions against the Junta, the Military Leaders continue to relish in great wealth, and are able to splash US$50 million on the wedding of this fat girl.

Watch the full video here: CLICK ON THIS LINK. The above video, is part 1 of 24.

No UMNO person is even capable of a wedding at this kind of cost. No Ketuanan has even come close to spending that amount on their daughter’s wedding. Isn’t it shy that Ketuanan Burma outshines Ketuanan UMNO? Even worse, UMNO is helping the Junta sell their oil to China. They have been actively repairing the oil lines which feed the richest Oil Wells in Southeast Asia (yes, beating Brunei) to China. And now even the North Koreans are getting into the Burmese Game, by now supplying parts for their Nuclear Plants. The North Koreans use an overland route through China, to bypass any ships which may be stopped by the Embargo.
nuclear.jpg&t=1     56096.jpg
The above picture shows the plant, and the one on the right shows a bunker entrance.

UMNO (via Petronas), The North Koreans, and the Burmese Junta are now new bedfellows. The three are now masturbating each other’s Ketuanan. Despite Sanctions, the new bedfellows are now under Ketuanan Cheena as well. You see, China is the main buyer of Burmese oil. Once the pipes enter China, who’s to know where it goes? This pipeline is constant attacked by the Shan Liberation Army. And Petronas diligently repairs it all the time for the Junta.

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“Two existing operations, one managed by France’s Total and the other byMalaysian state oil company Petronas, provided Burma with about US$1 billion in revenues in 2005…” This US$1 Billion goes nicely to finance the 400,000 Military Troops of the Junta. As well as the Nuclear Weapons which is being built right now.

“They are funding the dictatorship,” said Marco Simons, US legal director at Earth Rights International, an environmental and human rights group with offices in Thailand and Washington. “The oil and gas companies have been one of the major industries keeping the regime in power.”

The Documentary to watch is here:

The BBC Report is here:

Now, Petronas is mainly government-owned, and by extension, public-owned so this can be interpreted as the Malaysian public giving support to the Myanmar military regime. Not the best scenario, if any Malaysian is to hold their head high anywhere.


The Junta is also showing UMNO how to run it’s Government. Firstly, the November 7th Polls are openly declared as “FREE AND FAIR” by the Junta. They have now officially banned Daw Aung San Su Kyi’s ENTIRE Party from running. Hence, the Junta will be the ONLY Party standing for elections. The Junta welcomes ALL International Media, and Embassies to witness the OPEN-COUNTING of the votes. Since every single Candidate is from the Junta, there is absolutely no fear of losing this elections. UMNO should learn from this idea. (There is absolutely NO NEED to bring out the mattresses) The Ketuanan Junta still has more Ketuanan than ISA.

Also, should anyone protest (like in 2009), then perhaps they should watch this 10-part Documentary on how the Junta deals with dissatisfied Opposition. Yes, even if they are Monks. And since the Junta are Buddhists, they believe that they have helped these monks achieve their Nirvana by expediting their death. Watch this part 1 of 10:

As a result of this, the Malaysian and her Burmese bedfellows have “agreed” to rid themselves of their problems, “so that it is mutually benefiting..” In short the US Senate Report issued on the 3rd of April (click here) details how Malaysian Officials have been selling these Refugees. The Burmese Junta has many times thanked UMNO for getting “rid of their problems”. Another Video has highlighted the many numerous official news report (censored in Malaysia) (Click HERE)

The above picture show the RELA detaining Burmese Refugees before they are sold to Human Traffickers in Thailand.

The men will sell for around US$200, the women, US$300, and children are most valuable, because they can be sold as human spare Parts, go for US$400 each.Children are much preferred for organ-harvesting, because they are relatively disease-free. Their Corneas, Livers, Spleen, Heart Valves, etc are much sought after on the black-market. Most recipients never know the identity of their “donors” anyway, as the transactions kept hush-hush.

Al Jazeera has just recently run this other report (Sept 4th 2010) on how it is better for the Burmese to live in a Rubbish Dump, than to live in Burma. This report also states how people are forced to pay the Junta, monthly Bribes, or risk their children being taken away.
Watch it here:

Dear Malaysians. Your current Government is helping perpetuate these crimes against Humanity. Being anti-UMNO may be seen as being anti-Government. But once UMNO collapses, then you instantly become Pro-Government. Why are sitting on your butts, hoping that someone else would do the work for you? Is this not your country? Tell me. When would it be your turn to “jump” out of the 14th floor then? For now, Burmese blood is on your hands. Petronas is financing this Regime. Stop this madness now. Malaysia severely needs a change of Government!