Rais: it is true that the Malays are going to lose power

(Bernama) — There is truth in former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad”s assertion that the Malays could lose power based on politics, ruling party records and the Constitution, said Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim.

He said as politics were a matter of numbers, the majority would form the government while the government would be governed by records besides constitutional legitimacy.

“What was asserted by Tun Dr Mahathir was that if the Opposition with voracious appetite for power ruled the country, the Malays will lose the power holds true.”

“The statement is a strong reminder to the Malays to think deeply, otherwise do not blame others later,” he told reporters after an interview on Rukun Negara over Classic National Radio at Wisma Angkasapuri here today.

He was commenting on Mahathir”s warning posted on Umno Online that the Malays would lose their power if the Opposition were to come to power and implied that a Chinese or an Indian could become prime minister as there was no constitutional restriction.

Rais said if the Malays no longer believe that they should not lose power, they would pay the price and accept that the prime minister would no longer a Malay.

“Perhaps the respect befitting the Malay Rulers and accepted by the Malays will no longer be what it used to be now,” he said.

On the Opposition”s claim that the government”s statement on the Malay rights is against the 1Malaysia concept, he said it was a narrow view and not based on the Constitution.

“Article 153 of the Constitution mentioned the Malay rights as well as the legitimate interests of others communities,” he said, adding that ironically only the Malay rights were harped on.

Rais said the 1Malaysia concept did not run contrary to the Constitution instead merely strived to change the attitude of the society to accept the Constitution and 1Malaysia based on the Constitution.

“Do not be mistaken, so take a relook at the Constitution, not based on exaggeration. If there were any quarters still twisting the facts … let me say to them, do not disturb our rights under the Constitution and we have to build Malaysia based on existing realities,” he said.

Broadcasting director-general Datuk Ibrahim Yahya was present.