Sob…sob…sob…I want to go home

This is what the Umno website, Malaysia Instinct, wrote. Okay, just to settle this matter once and for all, I shall be at the University College London (UCL), Gower Street, London at 1.00pm on Saturday, 2nd October 2010, to meet the Malaysian High Commissioner to Britain to talk to him about my return to Malaysia. After all, he will have to renew my expired Malaysian passport before I can travel back to Malaysia.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

PI Balasubramaniam, Ben Singh, Amarjit Singh and Raja Petra in London

Come Home Dad, RPK’s Son Pleads

(Malaysia Instinct) – Come Home Dad, RPK’s son pleads Raja Petra Kamarudin’s (RPK) son, Raja Azman is freed by the Magistrate Court today as the prosecutor failed to prove a prima facie of the case towards the accused. Raja Azman was charged for stealing a motorbike and breaking and entering a home in Shah Alam last year.

Raja Azman expressed his relief and thanked God for the court’s decision. “This could clear my father’s name,” he said. He could not be happier that justice is very much alive and well in Malaysia.

With that, Raja Azman quietly wishes for his father to come back home and face the court as a gentleman. He wants RPK to know that there is nothing to be afraid of if RPK is innocent and has been telling the truth.

The 34 year old, misses his father and would love to celebrate his freedom with a family. There is such an empty feeling that his father isn’t here to share the joy.

Raja Azman believes that his father is an honest guy and is never guilty of anything. With a good lawyer like Amarjit Singh, who managed to get him out, his father too will have a 100% chance of winning any case.

The court’s decision on his case has proven that the government of Malaysia doesn’t interfere with the process of justice even though Raja Azman is a son of a wanted man, a fugitive and a traitor of the country.

After a failed suicide attempt by swallowing a razor blade (which was supplied by the prison), Raja Azman has now come to his senses (since he is no longer being assaulted by the prison guards). He’s not going to make a fool of himself anymore.

It’s obvious that Raja Azman is very worried about RPK especially upon reading about his father’s most recent drinking ‘incident’. He could not imagine his father dozing off on a street like some homeless drunk guy.

Although his father denied the story, Raja Azman knows better. RPK has always been a drinker as much as his wife is a smoker. For Raja Azman, drinking is cool as long as you are not found ditched out on foreign alley like a scumbag. 

RPK shouldn’t have taken BBC’s cancellation of his interview on Hardtalk too hard. It is just a bloody stupid program.   RPK should enjoy life as he always taught him to, “enjoy!” That’s what RPK always tell him. “Learn to earn easy money, in any which way you can (like how most Umno Malays would do)!”

Raja Azman worships his father as the most learned, open-minded, liberal, devout Muslim in the world. Raja Azman sees his father as a true, cool Muslim with a very open mind about the subjects of drinking and sex. 

That’s why RPK is loved by the liberal Malays, or the better Malays, as RPK referred them.

The ordinary, typical Malays are just plain stupid to understand my father, is the comment we usually get from Raja Azman whenever the topic of his father came out. 

Raja Azman believes that his father is a man of wisdom, and has always been misunderstood by the less smart people like the ordinary Malays.

With such wisdom, RPK can never lose any challenge. RPK should take the challenge to show the world what a wise man he is by turning up in court and not run away like a coward.

Once again, Raja Azman urges his father to come back and face the court. No more hiding and writing from abroad (even though he is not really hiding but very visible). It’s time to prove the allegation he made towards Najib and Rosmah (not for the prosecution to prove his guilt as is normally done). Surely that wouldn’t be hard at all (even though that is not how the law is supposed to work).

Anwar’s sodomy case too, is a clear prove that there is nothing wrong with the justice system in Malaysia, or why or how else did the judge allows Karpal to drag the case for far too long already?

If the Malaysian court is such a kangaroo and biased, Raja Azman and Anwar would never have a chance at all (and not to forget Razak Baginda’s acquittal of murder). But Raja Azman is free now (in spite of the two new charges they are going to slap him with), and RPK should take that chance too.

So, Dad, please come home…for me, pleads Raja Azman.