Sexist and Islamophobic tweets by MCA cybertrooper

(Harakah Daily) KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 21: As if being constantly attacked by UMNO, Perkasa and their mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia was not enough, DAP’s Serdang member of parliament has to also put up with sexual harrassments and racially-toned jibes.

The gutsy Teo Nie Ching shot to instant fame following her presence inside a surau in Kajang, which triggered immediate condemnations from UMNO leaders, Perkasa and Utusan, who argued that non-Muslims were prohibited from the Muslim prayer hall.

Islamic organisations including PAS, however, came to Teo’s aid, saying there was nothing wrong in Islam for a non-Muslim to enter a surau or a mosque, and even the country’s National Fatwa Council allowed non-Muslims to be present inside the mosque.

More recently however, Teo (right) had to put up with Twitter posts from individuals linked to MCA.

These posts not only smack of sexual harrassment, but also spiced with Islamophobic messages, echoing the views of MCA president Chua Soi Lek who has constantly spoken out against PAS and Islam in the same breath.

The following are some of the Twitter posts by a user calling himself MCAJB ( Besides Teo, PAS was also not spared from the constant jibes.

While not much is known of this individual, based on his own admission, he had said that he was being paid RM300 monthly to be a cybertrooper.

“Date me, for i wont ask u to wear a tudung, or rape u without it ;)”

“don’t u understand what is ‘metaphorically speaking’? Or do u actually believe I wld date u? Ask Nik Aziz lah”

“Miss Teo, r u really desperate 4 dates? Just tell me YES or NO is suffice.”
TeoNieChing  n for d matter, which PAS leader said those who didn’t cover their aurat shld b raped? Sexist? ! Pls ans. @weekasiongmp”

It is not clear whether MCAJB, as its name suggests, has anything to do with MCA Johor Baharu.

That is perhaps best left to be answered by MCA’s former state assemblyman in Teruntum, Pahang, Ti Lian Ker, who tweeted the following:

@MCAJB is an honest, transparent and straight man!There r many such good Mca man who r there to serve! Like u @tonypua @drchuaSL @choonhann.”