‘Proof sacking or I’ll sue for defamation’

By Teoh El Sen, Free Malaysia Today

PETALING JAYA: PS Jenapala, the dark horse in the race for PKR’s deputy presidency, has given party secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution Ismail 24 hours to provide proof of his sacking.

Failing which, the former deputy secretary-general warned that he would file a complaint with the Registrar of Societies or sue the party leaders for defamation.

“I am giving him 24 hours to provide documentary proof to back the claim that I was sacked in February 2009,” said Jenapala, who quit his post in 2008 after he was declared a bankrupt.

He was responding to the party leadership’s claim that he was not eligible to contest because he was sacked for criticising PKR and forming another political party.

Yesterday, Saifuddin had issued a statement that Jenapala cannot be nominated for any post as he was no longer a PKR member.

He also labelled Jenapala a “traitor” to the party’s struggle since he had questioned and criticised the integrity of the party elections with “baseless accusations” and “lies”.

Jenapala, who claims that his name was still on the membership list and that he had a member card to prove it, said that the party constitution states that a sacking must be endorsed by the supreme council.

“If at all I criticised the party or went against the party, they would have had to send me a show cause letter first. There should have been an investigation. There was no black and white at all.

“It’s just that they are white and I am black,” he added.

Jenapala urged Saifuddin to reveal when the supreme council had deliberated on his fate and to provide the date and time of the said meeting.

“I want to remind the secretary-general that I still have many influential friends in the party, and some of them sit in the supreme council,” he said.

They have an axe to grind

Jenapal also accused the party leaders of having an axe to grind with him because he had the courage to call a spade a spade.

“You call yourself Parti Keadilan, but where is the justice Mr Nasution?” he asked, claiming that party leaders were attempting to divert attention from the issues he raised.

At a press conference yesterday, Jenapala claimed that party supremo Anwar Ibrahim and vice-president Azmin Ali were using underhand tactics to clinch the number two post.

Although Anwar has remained neutral on the surface, it is widely speculated that the PKR supremo wants his protege Azmin as the next deputy president.

Despite Jenapala’s presence in the race, the real battle for number two is said to be between Azmin and PKR supreme council member Zaid Ibrahim.