PERKASA should DISTANCE itself from UMNO

By Sakmongkol

Yes. Not the other way round. UMNO needs Perkasa more that Perkasa needs UMNO. Right?

I support Ibrahim Ali if he wants to change Perkasa into a political party. That will allow the rakyat decide whether they want what Perkasa represents or otherwise. It will also be a test case of whether UMNO is still there.

 Overall Perkasa represents political extremism although their leaders might want to deny this. Overall UMNO represents a confused organization- wanting to sound like Perkasa but trapped within and constrained by the ‘discreet’ personality of the UMNO President. And UMNO leaders may want to deny this.
You think UMNO leaders want to adopt politically extremist view when their leadership derived direct economic and business benefits from non Malay patrons?
I have said it and will repeat- that is an endearing character flaw of the UMNO president. Talk in the most general terms, and you can adapt to whatever changing political circumstances. People say this is the epitome of politeness , a trait which a country bumpkin like 1, do not have and will never have.
I think if Perkasa is true to its Malayness identity and insist on it at all cost, it should tell its members and other leaders to DISTANCE itself from UMNO. Use the same term- distance and its opened to 1001 permutations if Perkasa is more Malay than UMNO, why should it want to cavort with UMNO?
Leave it alone. The UMNO leadership is not Malay enough. Najib and Hsiham , products of liberal western cultural immersion, are not Malay enough. So why isn’t Perkasa calling a spade a spade? Tell it, Najib tak cukup Melayu? But if you think Najib is doing the right thing, then disband and support UMNO. Otherwise leave UMNO alone.
I have written many times, Perkasa grows more significant each day because UMNO has forfeited its role and function. The entire leadership has failed to tell the rakyat a more compelling story. It is therefore a valid call by Perkasa asking the PM to explain his 1 Malaysia concept to allay the fears of all. failure to explain so, or even a failure to speak of the same theme by different UMNO leaders, will expose that duplicitous character of the UMNO leadership. It speaks of moderation, but in reality it retains it Perkasa-like traits.
I have written also, that most of these ideas are not finalized yet. They are in Najib’s understanding, just prototype ideas. We have to do more tests. That is why, the language that he uses currently, is the language of the lab technician.
Consider the tests that he wants us to perform.

The test required the individual to ask himself, “How does my stand on ethnic-based issues impact each community? Will it improve harmony or cause hatred towards my own race? Can it lead to an improved relationship between the races and improve national unity on a whole, or will it do otherwise?”