For Gerakan’s Teng, axe begins to fall

(TMI) The movement to oust Penang Gerakan chief Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan has now been officially set in motion.

State party secretary Ong Thean Lye confirmed with The Malaysian Insider this afternoon that the party had officially received the list of signatures collected by Teng’s detractors, earlier today.

“We will now follow the procedures stipulated in the party constitution, and once everything is in place, we will hold the extraordinary general meeting (EGM) according to the agenda specified by the signatories,” he said when contacted.

Ong explained that the party would first have to verify that all the signatories were valid delegates in Penang Gerakan and eligible voters.

The Malaysian Insider understands that the state body presently has 390 delegates, made up of the chairmen of all branches and one member from each branch.

“Once the verification process is done, we will have to send out notices to all the delegates to inform them of the EGM. We have to give them at least 12 days’ notice,” he said.

According to a co-ordinator handling the signature drive, a total of 60 signatures were submitted to the party headquarters.

“Yes, we have submitted [the signatures]. So now, we will sit and wait to see what happens next,” he said.

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