The Sosilawati Murders – Incompetence or Corruption?

Do you know where this lawyer’s office? It is right across the police station’s reception counter, hardly 50 meters away. And do you know where he stays? In Taman Cempaka, also right across the police station.


By Charles Tojo

I refer to the horrific murders of Malaysia’s cosmetic queen, Sosilawati Lawinya and three of her colleagues in a not so remote farm outside Banting.


These murders could have been avoided if our police force had been more professional. Clearly the police took a “tidak apa” attitude or were “in it” in all previous deaths/disappearances. The number of “missing persons” reports all linked to these lawyers emerging all of a sudden out of the blue is testimony to this.


Do you know where this lawyer’s office? It is right across the police station’s reception counter, hardly 50 meters away. And do you know where he stays? In Taman Cempaka, also right across the police station. That their “farm” at Taman Endah was conveniently located only a stone throw’s away from the Hindu disposition site for the cremated ashes of the dead could explain why some of the dead have disappeared without a trace. How very convenient. Kill the victims, cremate them and throw the ashes together with the rest of the Hindu dead at Morib’s established beach site location. A slick morbid operation indeed, if everything is proven true.


It is inconceivable that the police were oblivious to all their wrong doings, especially since we now have at least two complainants coming forward, a wife of a Chennai businessman who disappeared after meeting the lawyers a year ago, and a local mechanic who had his wife slashed to death at Taman Cempaka itself with the mechanic himself ending up in the lock-up instead of both the lawyers being thrown in the slammer after a financial deal had gone wrong. A very pertinent racist question has to be asked. Of the reported 17 missing/dead, how many were Malays prior to the killing of Sosilawati and her colleagues? This scenario looks more like a 1 Corrupted Malaysia Boleh story.


Banting police first came into notoriety when they were part of a local casino outfit in February 2004 at a house-cum-casino in Taman Emas resulting in almost the entire police force there being transferred out, some to places as far as Sarawak and Limbang after wives of the “casino’s” male clients went public. And today, the Banting police station and the quarters are immense for only one reason. The Banting area is notorious for past and present criminals and massive smuggling of goods and human beings because of its long coastline and shallow waters which make it ideal as a landing spot for smugglers and illegal immigrants.


The police have their hands full, yes. Apart from this, Banting was used previously as a location spot for criminals to be “buang negeri”, essentially restricted movements to only the locality of Banting. Banting further gained notoriety when a young Chinese Datok, a well known smuggler and “Ah Long” was shot dead at the Sakura restaurant in Jalan Imbi by hitmen. The two crooked lawyers may have taken advantage of the chaotic situation to buy off certain police officers.


And on Raya day, Malaysia was presented with a rude shock. Sosilawati and 3 innocent people were brutally murdered apparently during the Ramadan. If the police had been even half as efficient before, these animals would have been sent to the gallows earlier. Even Botak Chin is beginning to look like an angel compared to these lawyers.


As the daily shocking revelations take place pertaining to these murders, one thing that bothers many people here is – who were the other farmhands who had the courage to slaughter the victims and cremate them? Were these farmhands foreigners courtesy of Ng Yen Yen’s VOA (Visa on Arrival) Program to artificially boost tourist numbers? As it is well known now, many Indian “tourists” who acquired VOAs have now disappeared into Malaysian territory. I do hope some of these fellows were not involved in these murders, for if they were Ng Yen Yen surely has a lot to answer for compromising national security in exchange for increased tourist numbers.


The British Raj utilized 100,000 British Officers to maintain law and order in an India comprising of 350 million people. Malaysia with 100,000 police officers should be able to maintain order in a nation of only 28 million people if they focus on their jobs assuming immigration officers play their part as well. Our police should not be side-tracked to  be used in policing political party gatherings and ferrying VIPs.


As for criminals such as Ah Longs, smugglers and now even lawyers – there is only one way to reduce criminal intentions – an education system that inculcates proper values and an economy that thrives. That essentially is the government’s duty. And the longer they tinker around trying to right our atrocious education system, the more criminals Malaysia will have because, judging from reports, our own schools appear to be the breeding grounds for future gangsters, criminals, murderers and killer lawyers.


With these murders, Malaysia’s international image is in tatters. Investors are already branding this country as unsafe. The new IGP, unlike his predecessor, should not let the police force be pushed around by political parties but instead mould them into a professional outfit so that incidents of this nature do not ever happen in this country again.