What Spooked Malaysia-Instinct?


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by Sharifuddin A Latiff

First, Malaysia-Today got DDOS-ed.

Now, another news portal (sic), Malaysia-Instinct, got blipped but I think it’s self-inflicted i.e. they deliberately closed the front-door and started changing the locks.


Well, the Sun’s TeRence Fernandez took offense with someone who is probably trying to impersonate him with the by-line ‘TeRRence Fernandez’ writing nasty stuff at this site which pretends to uphold journalistic standards. With other by-lines such as Satu Hala, Unta Belang and Lebah Kota interspersed with more ‘proper’ names, whomever it is that runs this site seems rather spaced-out. Or extremely arrogant. Or perhaps, both at the same time.

TeRence has already made a police report and will also make a bee-line to the MCMC as soon as he’s home in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, this pseudo news site have gone M.I.A.

Seriously, if they have names like Big Dog, A Voice, A Kadir Jasin, Ahmad A Talib, Tun Mahathir, Wong Chun Wai, Rocky Bru, Barking Magpie, Sakmongkol47, The Unspinners and Wee Choo Keong, etc gracing their blogroll, surely their web servers must be in pristine condition although it’s parked in a restaurant/pub somewhere in PJ section 14 (compared to RPK’s battered multi-million hits per day gizmos).

Furthermore, it appears that in the confusion of ‘restoring’ their website, two ‘BBC’ postings went missing as shown below:

Did Malaysia-Instinct deliberately spike these two postings?

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