Sosilawati murder: Cops in cohoots?

(FMT) KUALA LUMPUR: The “skill” of the “Datuk” lawyer — a key suspect in millionaire Sosilawati Lawiya’s murder — at avoiding persecution despite being linked to four criminal cases in the past raises several questions, said PKR Youth chief Shamsul Iskandar Mohd.

“I am wondering if there existed a strong bond between the suspect and the highest leadership in the police force or within the weak police administration under former Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan,” he said.

Criminal Investigation Department director Mohd Bakri Zinin had over the weekend confirmed that the unnamed 41-year-old lawyer was the main suspect in the gruesome murder and burning of Sosilawati and her three friends who went missing on Aug 30.

Bakri had also reportedly said that the lawyer, bearing the title “Datuk”,  was also linked to the disappearance of four other individuals last year.

Said Shamsul Iskandar: “It’s surprising that this ‘Datuk’ with the same criminal record had not faced prosecution. Does he have links to political leaders or within the top brass in the police?

“These are questions that the police must answer.”

He said the police force under Musa was often criticised for its alleged links to high-profile crimes involving very important people and gangs.

He said throughout Musa’s administration the police force was unable to clear its name of various allegations and redeem its credibility.

“From a KPI (key performance indicator) point of view, the process of removing the IGP (Musa) ) should have happened a long time ago. I would not be wrong in stating that it is now common knowledge that many senior police officers were involved in abuse and corrupt activities..

“And this is not discounting Musa himself who is linked to high-profile criminal activities, including ganglords,” Shamsul Iskandar said told TV Selangor.

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