Senator: KL must explain why it has reneged on 20-Point Agreement

(FMT) KOTA KINABALU: A senator from Sabah has warned that the 20-Point Agreement that led to the formation of Malaysia will continue to upset state-federal relations as long as it remains unresolved.

Maijol Mahap, who is also United Pasokmomogun KadazanDusun Murut Organization (Upko) vice president, said Federation of Tanah Melayu made way for the formation of Malaysia, a new country.

As such the agreement had a crucial role in the birth of a new nation called Malaysia.

He said in view of this all Malaysians must be given accurate information about the 20-Point Agreement because a shallow interpretation of the agreement between Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia could threaten unity.

Maijol who has written a series of articles in the run-up to Malaysia Day on Sept 16, pointed out that 47 years after the agreement was signed most Malaysians, especially the new generation, did not know about it.

He warned that if people do not remember the spirit and content of the agreement, it would be difficult for them to give fair opinions about the matter whenever it is raised.

He wants such historical facts to be taught in an unbiased and accurate manner to prevent misunderstanding between the people of Sabah and Sarawak and those in the peninsula.

“As the agreement was made between two nations (Sabah won independence from Britain in 1963) and no one can question its (the 20-Point Agreement) importance and validity.”

Maijol also dismissed suggestions that it may be illegal or wrong to discuss the agreement in terms of how far it has been fulfilled after Sabah became part of Malaysia.

Mechanism to enforce

He said that in order for Sabahans to appreciate the agreement in the context of the state, the people must be made aware of why the agreement was made in the first place.

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