Ibrahim Ali mulls new political pact, accepts non-Malays

(TMI) Perkasa chief Datuk Ibrahim Ali is considering a new political pact — including teaming up with non-Malays for the next general election — following Umno’s snubbing of the Malay rights group this week.

Ibrahim disclosed his new strategy after Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders moved to distance themselves from the Malay rights movement.

He, however, maintained that Perkasa will not enter into politics.

“I have made the decision, I will co-operate with candidates who understand our stand — including non-Malay candidates.

“I don’t care about race, [but] only those who understand the Federal Constitution, who is of good character, has integrity, fluent in Bahasa Malaysia and ready to face the 13th general election,” he told The Malaysian Insider today.

The Pasir Mas MP said he was taking the step to prove that both he and Perkasa were not racists but were instead sacrificing for the country, the Malays, the Bumiputeras and all races.

He added the decision was taken after the two main Malay parties — Umno and PAS — declared they would not support him in the next general election.

Ibrahim won in Election 2008 on a PAS ticket but broke ranks with the Islamist party after the polls.

“I realise and expected that PAS will not make way for me, and other parties are distancing themselves from me. I don’t care. It’s not about contesting or not.

“The main issue is the survival of the Malays in their own land,” he told reporters after his Hari Raya open house at the Pasir Mas railway station today.

The independent MP said a final decision will be announced at an appropriate time and that it will be a surprise to everyone.

“I have my own strategy, my strategy will surprise many quarters and is based on Malay and Muslim interests, but we know of 42 parliamentary seats which are being contested by those within BN, PKR, MCA, DAP and Gerakan… where 62 per cent of these are Malay-majority seats,” he added.

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