Dealing with PERKASA- which is the UMNO way?

By Sakmongkol

Ibrahim Ali had his open house for Hari Raya at the Pasir Mas Railway Station. He is a freight train that runs over UMNO’s gravy train or anything that stands in its path. . Ibrahim Ali is offering Malays an inexhaustible resource- emotional comfort while UMNO hasn’t got enough gravy to distribute around anymore. 

There is one BIG problem. The top man is sending ambiguous messages. He has asked his lieutenants to speak against what Perkasa stands for. He has asked his people to distance themselves and UMNO from Perkasa. He has even toyed with the idea, supplied by his pandering dogs of apple polishers no doubt, of setting up rival NGOs to smother the fire of Perkasa. 

Problem: if he has done so, then it behooves him to give unqualified and absolute support to his people by saying clearly what he thinks of Perkasa. Instead we see him pussyfooting by saying we are not at war with Perkasa. They are fighting for Malay interests which we are also doing. But we are asking them to allow us to fight it our way….alamak…

UMNO is asking Perkasa’s approval? If we can’t give unequivocal and undivided support to our troops, then don’t say anything against Perkasa. We will look even more stupid in the near future, if we were to later bend over to ask Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa to support us. And I predict we will do so in future. 
On the other hand there is a silver lining too. So far only the so so smooth operator the UMNO secgen and UMNO’s own Wyatt Earp Nazri Aziz have come with guns blazing. UMNO’s Ketua Pemuda has fought battles with Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa very early on and has not also received unequivocal support from other senior UMNO leaders. 

I repeat- if we are not willing to state clearly where we stand on this issue, don’t say anything. The UMNO president is circumspect about this too. He is walking gingerly. I’ll let others use harsher terms. 

There is only one way to settle the issue UMNO has with Perkasa. The latter is no political party. It is an NGO, led by the political demagogue Ibrahim Ali. It has been able to get under the skin of UMNO and causing paranoia among UMNO people. 

The solution is to call a snap election. That is the way to settle the issue. The main problem with UMNO as I see it, is the inability of the UMNO leadership to prevail over Perkasa with an alternative story to tell Malays, UMNO people and ultimately the Malaysian rakyat. The inability is telling on the quality of our leadership. Let me be more direct- our leadership is stupid, scared or doesn’t know what’s happening. Therefore it cannot give answers to the message Perkasa is bringing.

What is it that UMNO can offer that distinguishes itself from NGO Perkasa? UMNO can provide Malay leadership as opposed to Perkasa which is providing Malay supremacist agendas. Leadership is responsibility. Supremacist ideas are reckless.