Americans are Really Stupid and so are Malaysian Secularists

By batsman 

I absolutely do not understand the uproar over the building of a mosque near Ground Zero. I can only explain this by attributing great stupidity to Americans in general.

In fact it makes absolute sense to have a ring of religious places of worship surrounding Ground Zero. Ground Zero should be surrounded by a ring of churches, mosques, synagogues, Hindu temples, Bhuddist temples, you name it and it should be there. 

With such a ring of places of worship surrounding Ground Zero, they effectively make Ground Zero hallowed and sacred ground. 

So I submit that the Americans are really stupid if they continue to protest the setting up of a mosque near Ground Zero. In fact there should be many types of mosques catering to the various sects of Islam. This not only makes Ground Zero the place of attraction for all the religions of the world, it also makes New York look like the city it should be – not a city of bigots and Ibrahim Ali or TDM types. 

In same measure, Malaysian secularists are really stupid to resist our Senate being made accessible to senators with religious qualifications. In fact such appointments should be liberally made. When the Senate is liberally represented by religious faiths, then the Malaysian parliamentary system in fact becomes extra protected and enjoys super immunity from disunity and bigoted provocations from the Ibrahim Ali or TDM types. 

So Malaysians and Americans alike – are you going to continue to be extra stupid? heeheehee