Kelantan MB is unaware that regent is to be made Sultan

(The Star) – Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat has denied any knowledge of a purported proclamation ceremony to be held at the Kelantan palace on Monday.

He said he had not received any letter from the palace on the purported proclamation of the Regent, Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra, as Sultan and neither had he heard about it from anyone.

“If I could, I would not want to comment on any matter concerning the (Kelantan) palace,” he said.

Nik Abdul Aziz was asked to comment on a news report quoting sources that said the regent would be proclaimed the Sultan of Kelantan on Monday to succeed his father, Tuanku Ismail Petra, who has been ill for a year.

It was reported that the proclamation ceremony would take place at the Throne Room of the Istana Balai Besar here, beginning at 11.30am.

The eldest sister of Sultan Kelantan, Tengku Merjan Sultan Yahya Petra said she was saddened by attempts to proclaim a new Sultan of Kelantan describing it as a sad day for constitutional monarchy system if the conspirators were allowed to succeed in ousting her brother who was the legal ruler of the State.

Tengku Merjan also claimed that an application for an Opinion of the Federal Court had been made on whether the Regent of Kelantan had the power to remove members of the Council of Succession earlier appointed by the Sultan of Kelantan.

She said both State and Federal authorities should take heed of the seriousness of the matter and take positive steps immediately to prevent the conspirators from carrying out their “despicable” act, adding that if the matter was allowed to succeed, it would be a dangerous precedent.

Meanwhile, in PETALING JAYA, lawyers for the Sultan of Kelantan claimed that the Regent of the state is in the course of amending the State Constitution, which if passed, may see the exit of the ailing Sultan from the throne.

However, Rashid Zulkifli Advocates & Solicitors , said that if the amendments was proceeded with, it “may open the Regent to a charge of interference with the course of justice and to contempt proceedings.”

Rashid Zulkifli Advocates & Solicitors stated that the Sultan had presented two petitions to the Federal Court to obtain its opinion on a number of questions, arising from the actions and conduct of (Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra) acting as the Regent of the State.

“Central to those questions is the determination by the Court of the extent of the power of the Regent acting during the incapacity of the Sultan,” the statement read.

“In view of the pending issue before the Federal Court, it seems to us that it is not proper or lawful for the Regent to pre-empt the decision of the Court on the pending issues by arrogating to himself the power of the Sultan under Article 3 of the Constitution,” it added.

Sultan Ismail Petra has been receiving treatment for a heart-related illness for over a year.

His oldest son, Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra was declared the Regent of the state in May last year in His Royal Highness’ absence.