Khairy’s insidious hands to alienate Malay voters from UMNO

The usual suspects is all there.

Dato Nazri Aziz, Dato Khaled Nordin, and Dato Reezal Merican. No wonder Tengku Dato Adnan Mansor was making a typical pre-2008 General Election in-denial remark with Reezal Merican.

The media players were New Straits Times, Berita Harian, The Star and The Malaysian Insider. The NST’s (and BH) subtle propaganda against Perkasa was expected. As usual, the Malaysian Insider (MI)’s report was spinned. However, they left clues that something was not right. Furthermore there was muted publicity from Chinese newspapers.

Ku Nan’s statement that Barisan Nasional had unanimously rejected Perkasa and UMNO will not support Perkasa does not jive. It is Khairy that has been leading a war against Perkasa to support stance by MCA President Dato Dr Chua Soi Lek, Youth head Dato Dr Wee Ka Siong and Gerakan leaders.

Perhaps, he is motivated by an old ex-to-grind against Dato Ibrahim Ali. However, there is someone on his payroll that connects the dots between Ku Nan and Nazri Aziz. Despite the association, it still points to Khairy as the evil devious hands driving the wedge between UMNO and Perkasa.

Again, Khairy made an intentional mistake to incite anger against UMNO. He is playing his espionage sabotage role to alienate Malay voters from UMNO.

Currently UMNO is now in a better position amongst the Malays. Since the Bukit Gantang by-election, the trend is Malay voters are moving away from PAS and PKR. Beseige with endless problems and long list of issues, the Malay majority voters lost trust with PAS and PKR.

These was discussed in both parties’ weekend retreat. They realised they could not improve on their Malay voters. DAP and PKR NGO activits are not making it easier.

Indicators points to Malay support leaving Pakatan, but they are still holding back until a change in attitude by UMNO before delivering their votes. The statement of Ku Nan and Khairy’s theatrics for the past few months had not endeared the Malays with UMNO.

It is crystal clear Khairy is assisting to sabotage from inside to prevent Malay voters return to UMNO. Speculation is he is waiting for former UKEC buddy, Rafizi Ramli to win the Ketua AMK position to open the passage for him to jump over. For many years, Khairy had been in touch with Azmin and their rendervous is at Azmin’s Qaswa Motor at Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

For Khairy to accuse close association of UMNO with Perkasa will alienate BN from Chinese voters, it shows UMNO’s incompetent Youth Head doesn’t know his job.

There is no benefit to derive from playing the gallery of MCA and Gerakan. They hardly contribute to voters registration. See charts below: