Getting access to Malaysia Today (revised)

Getting access to Malaysia Today (revised)

by uppercaise

Three ways to read MT if it’s blocked

  1. Try using a proxy server. Go to one of these sites:





    • Or choose from a list of public proxy servers

    • There will be a box where you can type in the address of the site:
      Malaysia Today’s site address
      Free Malaysia Today

      If there’s only a local block on Malaysia Today, the proxy should get you around it, and you can read Malaysia Today normally and even post comments.

      But if the site is being attacked, then proxy servers won’t get access either.
      Go to No 2.


  3. Look up the Google cache for Malaysia Today. It may be several hours or a day old, but at least you can see what was posted. Go to one of these addresses:

  4. Look up a mirror blog of RPK’s postings.

    If you know of others, please post a link in the comments box below


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