Press Statement by Jawatankuasa Pemilihan Pusat (JPP) PKR

Jawatankuasa Pemilihan Pusat (JPP) was set up by the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (KEADILAN) to oversee the party elections 2010 as a result of a change in its Constitution where members choose all levels of KEADILAN leadership through direct “one man one vote” election system.

This very fundamental reform within the party is unprecedented and challenging as all its members now have the opportunity and responsibility to exercise their individual rights to have their choice of leadership by voting in good and effective leaders.

One of the first major preparation especially for a relatively young political party is to put into position a Code of Conduct for the party, which also include the code of conduct specifically for the party elections – including the dos and don’ts. Rules to govern all election processes, including the nomination of candidates had been prepared and so have training of election observers. Information on the election is being made available at the KEADILAN official web-site.

Creating the right environment for this direct election is based on the following principles:

·      free and fair election

·      level playing field

·      party interest before self

·      no money politics

·      transparent processes

·      exercising responsibility and accountability by all members

The nomination process for Cabang leadership is underway while the “heat” is on for the nomination and election of the Party’s National Leadership thus resulting in the JPP stepping in to reiterate the more obvious dos and don’t.

1.     Allegations of money politics and smearing campaigns must be reported to the JPP. The practice of money politics is a very serious offence and if proven may lead to suspension from participating in the election process.

2.     Statements made by candidates to solicit support must not undermind party image or cause disservice to the party, upholding party interest before self.

3.     Individuals or group supporters cannot hold their media conferences or meetings at the party headquarters for campaign purposes. It was unfortunate that the press conference held to announce some MPs support for Azmin Ali was done in the party HQ without the HQ management’s knowledge.

All complaints should be directed to the JPP at KEADILAN HQ instead of airing them in the media, including personal blogs. It will not be in the interest of KEADILAN if dirty linen is washed in the public domain.

Dr Molly Cheah

Ketua, Jawatankuasa Pemilihan Pusat

Parti Keadilan Rakyat