Musa Hassan’s final shocker, MACC adviser to take him to task

Malaysia Chronicle, Malaysia Chronicle

Outgoing Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan threw another cat among the pigeons when at a handing-over ceremony on Wednesday he told his successor Ismail Omar and the force not to be “Yes-men”.

He had already stirred another hornet’s nest earlier this week when he accused various quarters including his immediate boss, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, of interfering in his work.

In response, not only has the Home Ministry issued a three-page denial, Pakatan Rakyat leaders have slammed Musa for not reporting undue influence and pressure to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.


And now, it looks like the turn of the MACC to have a go at the 59-year old Musa, who himself has been accused of links with the Chinese underworld and of bungling in several key cases that have embarrassed Prime Minister Najib Razak.

At 2.30pm this afternoon, a member of the MACC advisory panel Robert Phang will be holding a press conference at the Hotel Maya in Kuala Lumpur entitled Musa an ‘ungrateful’ outgoing IGP. Gauging from the topic, a lively session is in store and Malaysians as well as Musa can expect to get another earful from the eloquent Phang, who is also known for his pro-establishment stance.

Final shocker: Don’t be Yes-men

Musa began the ‘verbal’ punch-up on Monday when he finally lashed out at Hisham, with whom he has an uneasy relationship. He told journalists Hisham did not have the courtesy to inform him his contract would not be renewed until at the press conference where the Home Minister had announced that Deputy IGP Ismail Omar would be succeeding him.

Musa tells Ismail don’t be a Yes-man

And in his outgoing speech this morning, Musa told his officers to resist “pressure from above and outside”. “You must not act as ‘Yes-men’. Don’t be servants. If the police are made up of Yes-men, the entire force would rot and collapse,” he said.

The Home Ministry has insisted it has never asked for improper favors from Musa or the police force. Hisham was also conspicuously absent from the event.

“Sometimes, the suggestions by the police were not considered fully by the ministry and this may have seem like ‘interference’ in the daily work of the police. But at the same time, the main duty and service of PDRM is their own responsibility and the issue of interference by the ministry does not exist,” ministry secretary-general Mahmood Adam told a press conference after the handing-over ceremony.